Service was never meant to be a lucrative career

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

I have noticed in the news lately that our State legislators are trying to figure a way to get a raise from the $100,000 they are reputed to get with their salaries and “extras”.

I had some notion that the framers of our Constitution never intended that public service was meant to be lucrative or lead to a lifetime career in the elected portions of our Government. In fact, I understand that New York State has the dubious distinction of being the third highest in the nation for State level elected officials’ rate of pay and they also enjoy a 98 percent rate of re-election, some for many, many years!

What would happen if we, the people, only paid our state legislators at a rate comparable with other public servants such as teachers and non management personnel in local government? Would our current legislators continue to serve and, if not, who would replace them? Someone who does not need the money, someone who does not want to do what it takes to be re-elected and simply serves for the good of the community?

Something to think about as our State continues down the slippery slope of economic despair so common in Upstate communities!

Bill Weber