Does village really need a full-time investigator?

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

I am not writing to take position on this particular issue, but if last week’s article in The Chronicle-Express is accurate, I would like to know if anyone else finds this troubling.

As I understand it, our Village Police Chief was also our part time investigator. This was done originally by our trustees and mayor to save revenue (taxes). Mr. Mitchell’s investigative duties part-time, I am assuming, were adequate for our village, as I have read no comments to the contrary from village officials.

Chief Mitchell has been stripped of this position not because of any dereliction or performance problems, but because the PBA (police union) has filed a grievance against this practice. Now the village may have to hire a full-time investigator to fill his vacancy.

So, our trustees may be forced to hire a full time Police Officer to do what was done adequately on a part time basis, not because we need a fulltime investigator, but because a union insists we have a fulltime investigator.

Does this ring true?

Cliff Orr

Penn Yan