Let's regain our sense of community

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

The word community is derived from the Latin communitas (same), which is derived from communis (common, public, shared by all or many). Communis comes from of combination of the Latin prefix corn (together) and the word munis (performing community services). Common, public, together, performing community services-this should describe our elected officials and local law enforcement. Instead we have been inundated with headlines such as “He said, he said”and “Chief sues village.”

This March, the residents of Penn Yan have the opportunity to elect four Village Trustees from eight qualified candidates. The residents will also have an opportunity to hear what each Trustee candidate has to offer in a forum at the Penn Yan Middle School on March 4. I am looking forward to this forum with great anticipation. Not only will we find out about where candidates stand on village issues, but the public should also be able to assess which candidates are willing to work on repairing the emotional damage inflicted on our community in the past few months.

We can assess who remains calm in what may become a “spirited” forum, and who cannot.

Residents of Penn Yan, the direction in which this community is headed rests in your votes. Please exercise your right to vote on March 18.

Nancy Nielsen

Penn Yan