April 23 issue was a thought-provoking one

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

I would like to comment briefly on items in the April 23 Chronicle-Express.

Regarding the letter about Randy Kuhl’s changing from town hall meetings to private meetings with individuals behind closed doors, has he switched for his own comfort level rather than that of his constituents? If so, the move is consistent with his habit of hearing their wishes and then voting for the opposite.

The concluding advice in the Extension Corner article, “Efficient nitrogen use makes ‘cents,’” to “strive to minimize nitrogen inputs...” could be reduced to “add no nitrogen to your soil.” A reader who had heeded the advice in “Clippings Are a Lawn’s Best friend” on a previous page, would have no need to think about adding nitrogen.

Articles from the faculty at Harvard Medical School are usually excellent, but “Lowering cholesterol with statins” seemed inadequate. Without the acceptable numerical levels for cholesterol, as well as age ranges for reference, some comments are questionable. For instance, “In rare cases, they can cause liver and muscle damage,” may have been true in some groups studied, but the “rare cases” have recently been estimated to be at least 25 percent, especially in older patients. In fact, some studies indicate that statins should never be prescribed for those over 70 or for women of any age.

Finally, the DEC tips for coexisting with black bears provided timely reminders that the burden is upon us humans, not upon the bears. We have moved in on their habitat without giving them an alternative. People may think that feeding bears is humane, but it can be criminal, in that deaths of entire bear families could result. The mother teaches her cub to find man’s food and they both may perish from the absence of such food in cold weather.

Thank you for such a thought-provoking issue.         

Byrna Weir