Take a trash bag along on your walk

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, April 27, a group met at the boat launchsite to do some spring cleanup.

There were a dozen or so, some from the Penn Yan Business Council and a few good-hearted individuals.

We also worked on the Outlet Trail for approximately two hours. It was amazing what many hands could do in such a short time.

We did meet some walkers on the trail and felt a mutual admiration. We, of course, were glad to see them enjoying this beautiful “hidden” jewel which God has generously bestowed upon us.

They, on the other hand, mentioned what a great idea it would be to take a trash bag along while walking.

The point of all this is, let’s all strive to put forth some effort to appreciate and enjoy our beautiful area. There’s no place like it!

Joan Hansen Eldred

Penn Yan