Support the Yates Fire Police volunteers

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

One of the many benefits of my position is that I have the opportunity to work with so many dedicated and talented people from various agencies throughout local government. It is a pleasure to work alongside those in the medical field, the educational system, social services and of course the law enforcement community. Their compassion toward their fellow man and their professionalism is always refreshing.

One of the entities with whom I work with is the Yates County Fire Police.

The Yates County Fire Police have assisted here in the Village of Penn Yan many times in the past with special details. They respond to fire emergencies and motor vehicle accidents when we need assistance.

The Yates County Fire Police operate on a volunteer system only; they donate their talent, their vehicles, and the most precious commodity of all, their time. They train at their own cost, they buy their own gas for their own vehicles that they drive to get to an event, so that they can stand hour after hour assisting with traffic flow. They are always available to help out when they are needed...... .and now they need you.

The Yates County Fire Police operate on donations and they are in need of some new equipment. Please take a moment and send them your donation, it’s fully tax deductible and you will be helping a great, great organization help you.

You may send your contributions, made payable to “The Yates County Fire Police Association” to: Y.C.F.P.A. P.O. Box 293 Penn Yan, N.Y. 14527

Gene Mitchell

Penn Yan Chief of Police