Brockman says debate challenge stands

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To The Editor:

I have received a letter from Mr. Cook today declining our request for a debate.

Mr. Cook states that he didn’t “see the need for such an event” and that he failed “to see how a debate, at this point in the few weeks remaining until the general election, will enlighten our fellow citizens to a greater degree.”

Obviously I disagree strongly. By our count, there are 13,100 registered voters in Yates County. 1,600 Republicans voted for Mr. Cook in the Primary Election, and after subtracting those that voted for me, that leaves 10,900 registered voters of various (or no) party affiliations who have not yet voted. That number of potential voters is a compelling reason for a debate.

A debate would benefit the voters, not the candidates.

Our offer to have a debate stands!

Apparently Mr. Cook does not desire to have his public statements challenged, including the false allegations by Mr. Cook that conflicts on my part “…. could cost Yates County tens of thousands of dollars

Ed Brockman

Candidate for Yates County District Attorney