District Attorney offers more information

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The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

This letter is to provide accurate information to the taxpayers of Yates County.

The state reimbursement for the full-time District Attorney salary was misrepresented in a recent advertisement. Our office was not contacted concerning this data. Below is a chart that sets forth the facts about the full-time DA reimbursement. The local taxpayers have actually saved money by having a full-time DA while getting a total commitment to the safety of their community. 

The ad printed on Oct. 5 by the Yates Coalition for Responsible Government, stated that the reimbursement for the DA salary is $30,000 per year. In fact, it has never been less than $60,445.

Had the Yates County Legislature done what the Coalition for Responsible Government is now suggesting should have been done in 2001; i.e. increase the DA salary without making the position full-time, the total expense of that increase would have been borne by the taxpayers of Yates County for 2002 and every year since then.

Instead, the 2001 Yates County Legislature took advantage of the state’s incentive to provide a full-time DA in all counties in New York. 

As a result of officially making the position full-time, the county received the generous reimbursement and had the benefit of a full-time DA.    

Also, please note that the first year of the full-time DA was 2002 not 1996.


The DA Salary projection  in the fifth column at left (Paid by local funds only) is based on the minimum raises given to nonunion employees during the time period. The county has done equity studies during this time period and it is likely that the DA salary would have been raised as a result of those studies; thus, the savings would very likely have been even greater.

Susan Lindenmuth

Yates County District Attorney