He's had enough

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

It’s difficult to travel throughout Yates County, and sometimes beyond, without seeing several of these signs. I for one have HAD ENOUGH, enough of the misleading, twisted information being offered by the ‘one issue’ group responsible for these signs.

At this month’s Public Safety meeting our District Attorney, the Hon. Susan Lindenmuth, answered point by point their distorted and incorrect statements of the previous week. At the conclusion of her factual presentation one of my colleagues told Mrs. Lindenmuth that she deserved an apology from that group. Not only has that group refused to apologize, they offer more of the same in an advertisement in the next issue of your paper.

Convictions are not the final criteria of the job of a District Attorney. As First Assistant District Attorney Jason Cook has repeatedly stated during his campaign, “When the truth is exposed, Justice is served and the prosecutor has performed his or her job.”

Last Wednesday, at the Yates County Drug Court graduation ceremony, one of the speakers, a graduate of one last year’s ceremonies, spoke of his year of clean and sober living. How his life had been given back through not only his hard work, but the caring and demands of the Drug Treatment Court. Near the end of his talk he told of the previous strong dislike that he had for Mrs. Lindenmuth and how that had changed to admiration and respect for this public servant. In fact his closing statement was “No two men can replace you.”

I met Mrs. Lindenmuth before she first accepted the task of District Attorney. At that time it was very difficult for the county to find an attorney willing to take the part-time position. She was willing to serve the people of Yates County in that roll and I consider her to be one of the county’s hardest and most dedicated public servants.

Don House

County Legislator District 2