Brockman on DA’s budget

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

To Yates Citizens for Responsible Government:

I read with interest your analysis of the Yates County District Attorney’s budget. Thank you for supplying the data to us for reference and examination.

While I cannot comment with accuracy on the DA’s budget until I am actually elected, I can tell you that the budget numbers in the Yates County Public Defender Office have averaged a mere 3.3 percent increase annually since 1995, well within COLA for that same timeframe.

Even though our caseload has risen considerably over the past ten years, we have managed to keep the positions in the PD’s office on a “part time” status, saving Yates County taxpayers a significant amount of money.

When elected as Yates County District Attorney, I pledge to carry on with that same fiscally responsible mind set. I understand and embrace the concepts of zero base budgeting and benchmarking. I am proud of fulfilling my responsibility in not only caring for the clients I have served but also managing my office with concentration on a tight budget with fiscal transparency.

My numbers speak for themselves. Experience is something that is important both in court as well as in the PD’s office itself, when managing a County Department with a budget of this magnitude. I stand by my track record and will be glad to open my budget numbers up for review at any time.

My career of experience and common sense can lead the way to ensure justice prevails in our community by being tough on hardened and repeat criminals where warranted and working to provide alternatives with firm boundaries for those who make a mistake and deserve a second chance. I believe that approach alone can provide significant cost savings in the DA’s office.

In dedicating myself to this position, my primary goal is to keep Yates County safe while operating the office of DA as efficiently and effectively as possible. I trust this answers your inquiry.

Ed Brockman