DA race is no place for negative campaign

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the present state of the Yates County District Attorney Campaign. The negative campaigning that has come from the Brockman campaign in the last stages has become borderline pathetic.

I completely understand Mr. Brockman’s desire to fight hard in a campaign until the end. When you have served as a defense and town attorney for most of your life and want to end you career serving in the higher office as the perfect culmination, I can respect such a goal and I compliment his determination. But to swing the campaign to such a negative state with attack ad after attack ad is something I could expect in national politics, but not in our community. I would hope Mr. Brockman would be above that. Protecting our community should be above politics.

We have a political process in place that is running its course. We have a primary for the members of a political party to choose their nominee, and that has happened. Now some members of the local political ‘elite’ may wish we were back in the time of the smoke-filled rooms behind closed doors where party bosses choose the nominee. I frankly do not. I put my faith in democracy. When the people choose a candidate by over 1000 votes, I believe the system has worked. But to resort to negative attacks after a resounding defeat in a primary is very painful to witness.

Mr. Brockman ridicules others for referencing the power of the DA’s office. I want the ‘Power’ of the DA’s office to be used to protect my children. I want the ‘Power’ of the office to be used to protect our community. I want the ‘Power’ of the office to be in the hands of a person who has experience doing the job. I do not want to put the lives of my children in the hands of a learning curve, on the job training, or potential conflicts. I won’t take that chance. I want the ‘Power’ to be used by a person who is already doing the job effectively.

That person is Jason Cook.

Thomas M. Barden

Penn Yan