DA says she’s forced to state her position

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The Chronicle Express

To the Editor

When it became apparent that there would be a race for the District Attorney position, I advised each of the potential candidates that I planned to stay out the race.  I have worked with Mr. Brockman for 30 years and Mr. Cook has worked with me for six.

I thought I had enough information to form an opinion as to whom I would vote for but I did not think I should try to influence other people in their votes.  However, much has happened during this campaign that has given me new insight into the candidates and what I think is best for this community.  I deeply care about this community and what the future holds for it.  I will not stop caring when I am retired. 

I would still like to keep my personal vote a private matter.   I have tried very hard to stay out of this race.   Unfortunately, I have been forced to make my personal vote known.  I will be filling  in the box for Jason Cook.

Susan Lindenmuth

Penn Yan