Hopkins plugs for Close

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Letter to the Editor and Voters in Jerusalem

As many of you know I have chosen not to run again for the Town Board.  I feel the need to spend more time with my family.  As I thought this over I looked for someone from Jerusalem who would have somewhat the same point of view that I have. After watching Tom Close get so involved in our Town, I decided along with some others to encourage him to run for the seat that I now hold.

Tom Close is a great negotiator and that’s a skill you often need in town government.  He took over the chairmanship of a stalemated subdivision committee - worked diligently with the large landowners and their attorney, and was able to achieve a compromise that may well become law.  Subdivision issues have plagued this community for over 20 years.

He also worked with the town’s addressing committee to make living in Jerusalem a little safer.  People will soon have addresses that will be easily found by sheriff’s deputies, firemen, delivery men as well as the out of town folks just looking for their friends.

You have all received information from Tom Close about his background and his current activities. He is very very active in our community.  Not only is he teaching hunter safety but is working to get legislation to protect our highways when and if the gas drilling gets active in Jerusalem.

Tom Close is very interested in Jerusalem and certainly well qualified to serve on our town board. You’ll be getting more information in an upcoming mailing soon.  Please be sure to read it! I’m sure that if you voted for me in the past, you’ll cast this year’s vote for Tom Close.

Thanks for all the support you have given me through the years. I have enjoyed my time serving you.  I met many nice people that I might not have known had I never gotten involved in local politics. 

One thing more, I have always voted for what I thought was best for the whole Township and I believe, knowing Tom Close  that he will do the same.  I urge you to give Tom Close the same chance that you that gave me! 

Loretta Hopkins