Look at the facts, then vote for DA

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

I grew up in Yates County, graduated from PYA in 1964. 1964 is the same year Ed Brockman graduated from high school in Rochester; therefore Ed is around my age, 63 years old.

I worked at Transelco/ Ferro Corp. in Dresden and retired after 40 years of service, where I held positions in Senior Management. In making decisions, I had to remove the emotions from an issue, and rely on the facts, then act with boldness once my decision was made.

The fact is, Jason Cook has worked in the District Attorneys Office for over 12 years.  Jason has prosecuted felony criminal cases in court. His opponent has no experience in this area. Jason has prosecuted child abuse cases and worked to create the Child Abuse Review Team (CART), an effort to help protect children in our community. His opponent lacks experience in this area.

The transition of the District Attorney’s Office to Jason Cook will be seamless. Election of his opponent opens up problems; it will take transition time for his opponent to come up to speed on the workings of the DA office, this is a loss of time and will cost additional monies. There is the potential for a huge financial burden to the county if Jason’s opponent has to recuse himself and his staff from prosecuting cases that are currently underway, in the cue, when he takes office. Why do you, the county taxpayer want to take on unnecessary risk, additional tax liability, by putting Jason’s opponent in this DA position?

When you look at the facts, Jason is the clear choice for the position of District Attorney for Yates County. 

I encourage all voters in Yates County to look at the facts and vote with me for Jason Cook as our next District Attorney.

Jack (John) E. Prendergast

Town of Benton