Pending cases would call for special prosecutor

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The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

I am responding to Mr. Brockman’s assurance that there would not be conflicts involving defendants that he has represented for many years as public defender.  (Chronicle ad Oct. 14 and attorney Edward Hourihan Jr. Oct. 21 letter to the editor)  They both leave out the fact that Mr. Brockman would have many pending cases if elected as D.A. Mr. Brockman would have to ask for a special prosecutor to handle those cases.

It is “common sense” that a lawyer can’t switch sides in the middle of a case.

I know of one recent case where the special prosecutor’s bill for one case was over $10,000.

Regardless, one of the most important things a District Attorney does is to avoid the “appearance of a conflict.” I don’t know how Mr. Brockman, in good conscience, could prosecute someone he had defended in the past as public defender or hired counsel.

I join retired Chief (Steve) Hill and many local law enforcement officers in urging Yates County voters to vote for Jason Cook as District Attorney. Jason’s experience makes him the real “common sense” choice.

Gene Mitchell

Police Chief-retired-

Village of Penn Yan

Penn Yan