Support Brockman, the parent

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

I am a relatively new voter but I have lived in this area for many years. I’m happy to say that my husband and I are expecting a child shortly and I find myself being concerned about what the future holds for him or her here in Yates County. The District Attorney race is an important one. I have selected my choice for DA for a less than scientific reason that some may not agree with.

I support Ed Brockman for District Attorney not just because he is a long time county resident but more importantly, because he has kids. Jason Cook hasn’t been here long, but more importantly, he does not have any children.

I just think that dealing with children who make mistakes (and they all do,) needs the experience that can only come from being a parent.

Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

Amber Kerrick

Penn Yan