The power is in the hands of the voters now

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor,

In recent weeks we have been reading ads and letters regarding the upcoming election for Yates County District Attorney. It has appeared that many of Ed Brockman’s ads and letters have had negativity towards Yates County First Assistant District Attorney Jason Cook. Several recent ads have referenced or quoted excerpts (not the whole story) from interviews with Jason Cook.

Jason Cook’s campaign ads and letters have had no references or quotes about what Ed Brockman has said or done. Jason Cook has given the voters honest, truthful and factual information about himself and his years of experience as an Assistant District Attorney.

The District Attorney’s job is not about who has been the longest resident in Yates County or whether they have children or not. It is not about who endorses whom and should not even be a popularity contest. The District Attorney is someone that can hold criminals responsible for their actions by protecting the communities in which we live. It does not take “Common Sense” to see that the “power” is in the voter’s hands, not the candidates.

Jason Cook has the commitment and dedication to serve and protect with over 12 years of experience as an Assistant District Attorney in Steuben, Schuyler and now in our very own Yates County communities.

It is this kind of experience, knowledge and compassion for the position of District Attorney as well as for the people that I see in Jason Cook. That is why I am supporting Jason Cook as Yates County’s next District Attorney.

Mary Anne Cooper