The vote should go to the most qualified

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

The competition for Yates County District Attorney  is very heated and the result significant to all citizens of our county.  

Jason  Cook is the obvious choice for the betterment of the office.  He is  young,  ambitious, competent, capable  and can give the citizens of Yates County many years of service.   Jason’s background includes 12 years of service within the office of District Attorney in our county and neighboring Steuben County – which means he is a prosecutor.

Jason’s opponent has never prosecuted a criminal case.  I would wonder why – all of a sudden – his opponent would want to switch sides of the table after a career for more than 30 years as defense attorney.  The fact that Jason’s opponent, by way of being a long time important and extremely contributing member of the Republican Party in Yates County is due this position is  wrong.

 The vote should go to the most qualified candidate and not be a reward for political activities.  Finally – Jason has been endorsed by the Republican, Conservative and Independent Citizens  of Yates County – Please vote for Jason Cook Tuesday, Nov. 3!

Joan Belles