Vote Brockman, the independent

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor,

I am an Independent registered voter in Yates County.

I for one am very happy that Mr. Brockman ran on the Independence line and that he is still in the race. A lot of people I have talked to think the race is over because Cook won the Republican Primary and the newspapers all printed “Cook Wins DA Race.”

Some people didn’t know or realize that was just a primary race. Although some people think otherwise, we “non-Republicans” have a voice and a vote too - it’s nice to see that somebody thought of us so we can express our choice.

I know Ed and I like him; he’s honest and hard working. I support Ed Brockman for DA.

You may have to look down a ways on the ballot for the Independence Line but we are there.

Joe Perella

Penn Yan