Understanding Jerusalem’s new numbers

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Jerusalem's new numbering system.

Let’s face it — most people do not like change.  However, a complete updating of Jerusalem’s addressing was long overdue.  

The main motivation for the correcting of Jerusalem’s addressing system was very simple, the safety of Jerusalem’s residents.  

Previously there were very few homes and businesses in Jerusalem where street numbers were displayed.  When driving down a road, mailboxes were numbered using two or more different intermingled numbering systems, if they were numbered at all.  Odd and even numbers were on the same side of the road.  Often it was unclear which mailbox went with what house.  

Put yourself into this scenario.  A rookie ambulance driver has been dispatched to your home; it is late at night and raining.  You are home alone and managed to call 911, but are now lying on the kitchen floor unable to get up and desperately in need of immediate medical assistance.  You hope the ambulance driver finds your house without incident.  The only chance for this is for each house to have a unique address that is also clearly posted.  

“Every house has a unique address” is what the new addressing system has created, both with road names and numbers.  But it will work and make the community safe only if both are clearly labeled.

Here are a few facts about Jerusalem’s updated addressing system.

New lake numbers have been assigned along the following lake roads:

1. From Penn Yan to end of bluff:

Sylvan Road:  1161 to 1283

West Lake Road, PY:  1515 to 3339

Brandy Bay, Bayview, Central Ave: 3401 to 3909

East Bluff Drive: 4341 to 12587

2. From Branchport to end of bluff:

Crescent Beach: 282 to 700

Esperanza Drive: 768 to 1202

West Bluff Drive: 2813 to 8705

3. From Branchport to county line:

West Lake Road, BPT: 1 to 1469

The lake numbers are based on the distance a property is from a point at the end of the lake for the roads paralleling the three lake shores.  The numbers along the roads paralleling the shore from the water plant to the end of the bluff form a continuum with no duplication (see list 1 above), thus the homes along this stretch can be located without even using the road name.  There is no duplication of numbers between the two WLRs.  

New 4-digit fire code numbers (2402 to 2591) have been assigned along State Route 54A from the Penn Yan village limits to the WLR intersection by the water plant.  The numbers along State Route 54A from the WLR intersection to Branchport 4-corners were not changed and are 2595 to 3736.  Thus State Route 54A from PY to Branchport is one continuous interval, 2402 to 3736.

Once everybody takes down their old number and posts their new number on their building and on their mailbox, there will be no confusion about the location of any property along the three shores of Keuka Lake within Jerusalem.

If you have posted your new number, the Town of Jerusalem thanks you.  If you have not, please make it a priority to “Get It Posted!”

Bob Johnson