Convince me, Dr. Cline

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Dear Dr. Scott Cline,

I write in response to your letter on Don’t Expect Gas Drilling to Come to Our Area.

You said - Don’t worry.  Be Happy.

Cannot.  Convince me.

“Injection disposal wells are also not coming for other reasons beyond the scope of this letter.”

Please elaborate.   One of the few currently active disposal wells in New York State is in Town of Aurelius less than one mile from Cayuga Lake.  

It is a mere 1800 feet deep, into the Queenston, one of the most desirable layers for injection wells.  Most of the wells dug in Cayuga County are into the Queenston.  

A dozen wells near me, in Skaneateles, sit capped over 2300’ into the Queenston also.  

Please elaborate on why we should not worry that those wells are not, in effect, Chesapeake Energy et al lining up their trash cans for the tens of millions of gallons of toxic Marcellus waste they want to produce in the Southern Tier.  

Also, I’m bothered by your last sentence:

“So relax and enjoy the economic benefits that will come to the Finger Lakes as our neighbors to the south and east look to spend their vast impending wealth!”

Don’t worry.  Be happy.

Implied:  If you have concerns about air, water, soil, roads, lights, noise, trucks, spills, property values, gas migration, pipelines, non-disclosure agreements, DEC budget woes for oversight  - all the real issues being debated surrounding High Volume Slickwater Horizontal Hydrofracking, don’t worry.  Our neighbors will have to deal with all that, not us.     

We’ll just sit back and rake in the bucks when those vastly wealthy landowners come to town.

I, for one, extend my concerns about high volume hydrofracking to my neighbors all the way to New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Colorado and Wyoming and around the planet. I have spoken with people from each of the above states that have had water and health problems.  And none of them have gotten vastly wealthy.  We had lots of wells drilled in our neck of the woods in 2007 too.  And they sit capped.  No royalties  making my neighbors wealthy.  Same over  there?  

Mary Menapace