MUB matters

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

A cone of silence and air of indifference are in firmly in place at MUB.

On Jan. 19 the “2009-2010” Waste Water Treatment Actual Expenditures Report and the applicable invoice were submitted to the Town of Jerusalem District #1.

There are two major items missing:

1. Depreciation on the plant

2. Cost of vehicles, mowers, loaders, etc.

These amount to tens of thousands of dollars lost to the Village of Penn Yan.

There is also the East Bluff Drive sewer district that is still billing at the 2002 expenditure rate. More loss.

Now for the granddaddy of them all:

The West Lake Road to Indian Pines, including the old Penn Yan Express Seneca Farms area sewer service area residents have enjoyed, and paid for, sewer service.

But, the Town of Jerusalem has never paid the Village of Penn Yan for sewer treatment. Were they billed?

The MUB village treasurer and trustee liaison Allison know this.

They all took an oath to abide by the rules and regulations of the Village of Penn Yan.

There is no excuse!

The rates and methods are clearly written on all of our sewer bills. Those rates are on file with the Secretary of State of the State of New York.

These officials have clearly ignored the law, costing the Village of Penn Yan hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We need a solution now!

I believe the “attitude of arrogance” by MUB must be confronted.

I requested a meeting last October. I personally have paid for advertisements to discuss these issues, only to be met with silence.

Robert B. Hoban

Penn Yan