Shop locally

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Mike Linehan’s report struck a resounding cord with my husband, Don and I. Our freezer is packed full of nine vegetables and five fruits grown within a few miles of our house. Our shelves are loaded with canned tomatoes, tomato sauces, chutney, and salsa, canned fruits, pickles, relish and jam.

Why should I look farther? Today I went to a large grocery and not one sweet onion from the USA! We do grow them! I do not want onions from Peru, cukes and avocadoes from Mexico. We do grow them here in the USA.

I found sweet onions with American citizenship and locally processed chicken at a small local store. The well trimmed pork loin was 20 cents a pound cheaper than ones I have brought previously at a wholesale club. Our organic eggs come fresh from the farm up the hill at a reasonable price.

If I can’t put my dollar in a local pocket, I’ll keep it! We don’t need every fruit and vegetable known to man every week of the year—at huge transportation costs both to our pocketbook and the environment.

Look around! Yates County is the greatest food basket we could need or want. Nothing is sweeter than veggies picked in the morning and in the freezer that afternoon.

Carol Clarke

Penn Yan