Clean up your dog’s mess

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Anyone walking the streets of Penn Yan has to notice dog poop all over. Whether walking on Main, Clinton , Liberty, Elm, or any side street, there is dog waste everywhere.

It is down right disgusting to leave your pet’s feces for someone else to clean up. One mistake once in a while can be forgiven, but to walk your dog day after day and not carry a bag to pick up after “your” pet is inexcusable.

The dog waste can also carry diseases, like E Coli, Salmonella, and parasites. It is worse when it rains, as the waste is spread around.

In warm weather, flies and insects are attracted to the waste.

According to Dr. Lawrence T. Glickman, of the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, approximately 750-1500 children become blind each year after contracting roundworms. Many kinds of worms are spread to healthy pets and people from not cleaning up after your pet.

Children playing outside should not have to watch out for the dog poop all over, especially, in their own yard.

There are all kinds of products now to make it easy to clean up after your pet, including biodegradable bags.

Winter’s thaw will be one big springtime mess.

Anne Perry

Penn Yan