Dear Rep. Reed:

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

I attended your session in Branchport, NY on 1/29/2011. 1 want you to know that I was very dissatisfied with your presentation and I elaborate below.

First, you smiled, smiled, and smiled and you talked, talked and talked! If you had not smiled so much and not talked so much about non-issues at least twice as many questions could have been answered from the audience of which there were about 80 in attendance.

Secondly, you chose to have the questions from the audience placed on a questionnaire furnished by your aide.

That seems to me to allow your aide to censor or select the questions and therefore allow you to answer those questions that your aide thought best/easiest for you to answer. I must tell you that I have been to many political sessions over all my years and this is the first time that I can recall having to fill out a questionnaire in order to ask a question. How many did he censor?

Thirdly, close to the end, a verbal question was asked by Sandy King, a leader in The Tea Party. You gave only a very brief answer to her question as opposed to more lengthy answers to the written questions selected by your aide. Why?

Fourth, you did not speak enough about the national debt. It seems to me that no greater problem exists in our country today, yet you devoted so little time to it. You should have stressed the importance of that problem and its implications for the future of our great country.

Lastly, my initial and primary question to you written on the handout was: “What are you going to do to bring ‘Planet Washington, DC’ back to Earth?” That means that in the opinion of many in this country our representatives in Washington are totally out of touch with us people back here on “Planet Earth”. You all seem more pre-occupied with things that are not basic to the well being of this country IE: Getting yourself re-elected and it is obvious that you are already starting your campaign. In short you, as are many others, seem more concerned about preserving your privileged status in Washington, DC than looking out for the best interests of our country and its people! The foregoing is particularly striking because of your short tenure. I would add that talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words!

Robert W. Evans