Why the hike in Penn Yan water rates?

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Anyone else check out the municipal rate hikes that were to be voted on March 15?

My bill is going up over $100 per year, how about yours? Wonder what local businesses think about that? That is a dinner out at the  any of our fine eating establishments, or some nice bottles of local wine. Now it will be money spent on water. WATER!

The village accountants have reported that the water fund is in good condition with a surplus (Jan/2011).

What are these hikes for? I have repeatedly in this paper and others pointed out where funds can be found so rate hikes are not necessary.

Is anyone listening?

I have been ridiculed, called a fool, ignored and now we are getting what I feared: An extremely untimely, absolutely un-necessary water rate increase while we still do not charge Jerusalem for sewer.

Folks, I cannot and will not do this alone anymore. It is time to get involved.

Robert Hoban

Penn Yan