Fracking is inevitable

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

In case your readers missed it, the Albany Times Union reported  that the “state government’s top scientist on the underground features of New York” has stated that drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus shale is a “huge gift” and that allowing fracking would be a huge boost for job creation and tax revenue. He states that the only thing needed is that the industry should be closely monitored by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The former DEC Commissioner, who is now the first deputy comptroller, is quoted as saying he agrees that the DEC is on course to set solid regulations. The Governor has previously stated that is “open” to the possibility of allowing hydrofracking. I think you can safely add fracking to the list of death and taxes as events that are certain to happen.

If there’s money to be made or moneyed interests to be protected, you can bet the ranch that laws will be enacted and policies will be pursued to serve those purposes.

James Cook