I want to hire a teacher!

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Understandably, many people are concerned about the shrinking school budget, the difficult financial decisions, the possible job losses and higher taxes.  But, as a local business owner, I am actually looking forward to being able to hire someone with those desirable ‘teacher’ skills’ - literate, eloquent, well organized, cooperative, independent, good work ethic, strong interest in learning, ability to inspire diverse people, ability to handle stress and challenges.   Those are mighty good qualifications for an employee!

As a community, we need to look on these folks as an extremely valuable resource who deserve our attention, our appreciation, and our jobs.  Our local businesses can be much enriched by their skills.  We want them to stay here!   We need them to stay here!  May the school district’s loss be our gain!

Mary-Howell Martens

Penn Yan