O’Mara backs drilling rules

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Thank you for this chance to share a brief reply to a recent letter to the editor (“So-called town hall meeting was a fiasco”) which mistakenly included a statement that I oppose regulation of the Marcellus Shale natural gas industry.

Of course, that’s not the case.  The regulatory process to determine this industry’s future across our region has been ongoing for years now, and I have been and remain fully supportive of it.

Legislators, regulators, landowners, concerned citizens, and community leaders throughout our region and state continue to work toward a meaningful, reasonable, responsible and, most of all, environmentally strict strategy for addressing the industry’s future.  The state’s overriding responsibility is to ensure that New York’s lead regulatory agency, the Department of Environmental Conservation, finalizes and puts in place the necessary and stringent regulatory framework.

So I appreciate this opportunity to clarify the recent letter.  I do support strong regulatory oversight of the oil and gas industry, and I continue to look forward to its successful resolution.

NYS Senator

Tom O’Mara

53rd District