Mandate relief shouldn’t be tied to tax cap

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Dear Hon. Sen. O’Mara:

I just read in our local paper that you told our County Legislature you are now not in favor of a 2 percent tax cap, unless the state mandate issue is settled.

You know as well as I do that no local government will evaporate if the state imposes a 2 percent cap on taxes. In fact, if we do not cap our taxes, our state and local governments will surely evaporate because the taxpaying citizens, most of whom do not get  2 percent plus raises every year or paid health benefits or guaranteed pensions will simply continue to leave along with all the jobs.

I voted for you to be a fiscally conservative Republican. Now I actually have to email you and remind you that you need to support our liberal Democratic governor’s proposal?


It is equally unbelievable to me that our local, “supposedly conservative” representatives on our school board and county legislature would even suggest they cannot live with a future 2 percent cap every 12 months on our property taxes. How much more are they planning on raising them?

I understand it would be nice to do away with all state mandates — let’s work on that —  but we are tired of excuses!

I am amazed a 2 percent cap is the best the Republicans can do.  You and your comrads should be “out-cutting” our governor, and implementing a required minimum 2 percent reduction just to start on a path of being competitive with other states.

Please reconsider —hold your ground!

Cliff Orr

Penn Yan