Public Health workers seek support

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The Chronicle Express

On Monday, March 14, the Yates County Legislature approved a resolution to issue an RFP (Request for Proposal) to investigate selling our Home Care Operating Certificate to a private organization, which could be headquartered outside Yates County. If the legislature decides to sell our home care agency, that decision is final. The taxpayers of this county will then lose ownership and control over a department that over the years has provided quality, personalized care and generated a profit for the county.       

Public Health has been providing Home Care Services to our Yates County Community since the 1960’s. In 2010, 806 individuals were served for a total of over 7200 visits. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our nurses, aides, social workers, and therapists as well as those behind the scenes are committed to providing excellent care. Many of us who provide services are life-long residents of Yates County. We have staff members who have worked for this agency for 20 plus years, which exemplifies our long-standing dedication to our community.   

Yates County Public Health also serves the public in areas of communicable disease, chronic disease, cancer services, prenatal and postpartum visits, early intervention, children with special health care needs, physically handicapped children’s program, public health education, injury prevention, and disaster preparedness. Our presence is seen in the community at local immunization & flu clinics as well as our rabies clinics. Home visits are also made to our Mennonite community to administer immunizations.

We are now faced with having to prove our work to not only our community, but to our elected officials. We are community minded local folks who pay taxes, who love what we do, and want to do it here, because we believe in Yates County! We hope we have served our patients with knowledge, compassion, respect and above all, kindness.  

We are asking for our community’s support. Please consider contacting our legislators by calling 536-5150, writing a letter, emailing your support to legislature@yatescounty.org, or attending the Human Services Committee Meeting on April 4 or the Legislature Meeting on April 11. For more information on these meetings, please call 536-5150.

Employees of Yates County Public Health.

Penn Yan