Letter to the Editor: Phony Debt Crisis?

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The period of time between Germany’s invasion of Poland in Sept. 1939 and the Battle of France in May 1940, is often referred to as the “Phony War.” Somehow, the tussle over raising the nation’s debt limit and Mr. Marchionda’s letter from last week, reminded me of that phase.

Unlike WWII however, this current dog and pony show has been phony from start to finish. Yes, we have real debt. As we all know, when Mr. Bush took office there was a budget surplus. Due to the “Bush” era tax cuts, (mostly for the wealthy) and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we now have a deficit. The deficit wasn’t caused by Social Security, Medicare, Head Start, of The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) or any other phony reason.

Mr. Marchionda states that “the problem is that the voters have become addicted” to the government’s money. Since I travel in different social circles than Mr. Marchionda, your readers should know that I, at least, seldom run into anyone who is living high on the hog due to government largess.

Maybe he was referring to the Public Health workers who recently got booted out of their lavish County jobs. I don’t know.

In a Kafkaesque twist of logic, Mr. Marchionda goes on to state that we are “in the denial stage” and are resisting the need to go to “rehab.” In other words, even though we’re not guilty of anything, the fact that we correct a falsehood means we are denying a lie, and therefore that makes us sick enough to warrant rehabilitation. This is rich material in more ways than one.

In future weeks, we could debate the federal budget in greater detail, but in broad terms, we simply need to let the tax cuts expire, close the most egregious federal tax code loop-holes, declare the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan a success, bring the troops home and reduce our military expenditures to be more in line with the threats that we really face.

I hope Mr. Marchionda continues to have a long and prosperous life. Unlike him, however, I am hardly “glad” to be on “the downhill side of my time on earth.”

There’s a lot more to do and  lot of people to do it for. That’s what we’re here for.

James Cook