Gary Pinneo captures the spirit of Penn Yan

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Returning to the Penn Yan area after being away for many years, I realize what a treasure Penn Yan is. While growing up during the “Myopic Teen Years,” I confess I took a lot for granted. However, a few years back a birthday gift from my brother Michael, opened my eyes...a subscription to The Chronicle-Express.”

So every week after I read “The Benton News” (written by my mom, Vivian for the past 40-some years), I catch up on what is happening in Penn Yan. I would like to express my appreciation to the paper’s editor and the fine staff for providing and sharing the news week after week.

In conclusion I would also like to proudly express my feelings in regard to my brother, Gary Pinneo. I know he is going to cringe with embarrassment being the modest fellow that he is (and by the way Gary doesn’t know I am writing this letter) but here it goes:

For many years Gary has captured the heart and spirit of Penn Yan, illustrated by his cartoons and depicted in his stories about the special people of Penn Yan. My brother has a multidimensional talent — a keen eye for not only physically capturing life defined in his caricatures, but also for portraying the inner spirit captured in his words. I know this may be a little over the top, but as seen from a loving sister’s eyes, Gary is the Norman Rockwell/Mark Twain/Paul Harvey of Penn Yan.

A heartfelt thank you to you all.

Sharon Pinneo Dellamore