There are good people here

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the phenomenal people that created the “Street Challenge” program:

Many kudos to Kathy Disbrow, the head of the Yates County Housing Committee for integrating this program.

Sincere thank yous to Lauren Snyder, who represents “Our Town Rocks,” to Michelle Stilson, who works for Keuka Housing Council, and to Helen Schillinger who is on the board of the Keuka Housing Council.

Also sincere thank yous to Mayor Bob Church and to Steve Morse who belong to the Penn Yan Fire Department.

These men and women are very kind and caring individuals who donate their time and expertise to help those that are in need.

I am on disability at this time and have not been able to get to my flower beds all summer. These women made my flowers and the front and side of my house look fantastic. They worked very diligently and meticulously for  4 1/2 hours. Bob and Steve fixed my flag pole for me which was a  very emotional moment. My husband Allen died in 1995. He retired from the reserves in 1990 and was given the flag pole for retirement from the reserves. The rope had broken months ago, and I couldn’t put the flags up for the holidays. The house that I own was where Steve grew up; how ironic. The men took out the flag pole (which was not an easy task), laid it down, scraped, painted, ran the rope, and hung the flags for me. We all said Allen would be thankful and proud, as was my family.

There really is no amount of of thanks that could come close to the heart and generosity of these people.

They have renewed the faith that there are good people in our town that band together to help others as part of a bigger family.

Very Sincerely,

Missi Hobart

Penn Yan