Letter to the Editor: Proud of Penn Yan Homecoming Court

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Dear Megan Lafferty, Student Council President:

As Treasurer of the Humane Society of Yates County, I am in receipt of the $50. check from the PYA Student Council along with your note about Taylor Travis’s request for the donation to the Shelter.

I have written Taylor separately but I wanted to drop you a note as well to as you to pass along our thanks for thinking of the animals.

If I understand your note correctly, the homecoming court elected to donate funds raised for homecoming social events to charity instead, in lieu of a limo ride and a fancy restaurant meal for the homecoming court. Helping those who cannot help themselves is very noble indeed – especially when it means you are giving up a limo ride and a fancy dinner. You all are to be commended for thinking of others instead of yourselves! Although my slang may be outdated, still, I think that’s just way too cool!

These abandoned animals rely upon us for shelter, care and protection while we work to find them a new home. We need all the help we can get and with regards to your question as to how the students of PYA can help further, Renee Owens our Chair of the Volunteer Committee here at the shelter, will be in touch.

On behalf of animals at the shelter, the Board of Directors and all our volunteers, I would ask you to pass our sentiments onto the rest of the homecoming court. You kids should be proud of yourselves – we certainly are proud of you!

Steve Marchionda

The Humane Society of Yates County