Letter to the Editor: Italy has no dynasty

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

I am writing in response to the Oct. 19 letter by Michael Herzog about the Hicks Dynasty.  Thank you for letting people know that Jeffrey and I have invested not only our finances in the town, but also our lives. We were both raised here, graduated from Naples Central and have raised our families here. Why? Because we love our small country community.

What truly amazes me about Brad Jones and Dan Schenk is that when they feel that they are losing ground, they attack my family. Last election it was my sister Lee. Brad went into her place of employment and tried to get her fired. He claimed she was campaigning. Whatever happened to freedom of speech even if it had been true? Now in this letter it is my brother and sister-in-law. They have nothing to do with this election. When Election Day comes and goes you will all claim it was nothing personnel only politics.

What the voters need to know is that Mr. Herzog and those he endorsees are all self-serving.

The proof of this is that Brad Jones, Anthony Carter and Michael Herzog were major players in a citizens group that sued the town just to prove that citizens can sue as well as Industrial Wind. This cost the Town of Italy taxpayers $88,000. Their actions have put this town in serious financial jeopardy.  

Brad and Anthony have already proven they think of themselves before the town at the tune of $88,000. Voters also should know that Anthony Carter doesn’t truly live in the town. His tax bills are mailed to his Rochester address and his STAR exemption is on his house in Rochester.

His Wells Road property is his seasonal home.

So I ask you to please vote Republican and Malcolm Mackenzie Independent.

Margaret Dunn