Letter to the Editor: Attend Torrey hearing on wastewater

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

On Dec. 13 at 7:30 p.m. the Town of Torrey will hold a public hearing to give residents of the town an opportunity to comment on the proposed Town of Torrey Wastewater Law.

This Wastewater Law was written to help achieve the Comprehensive Plan goal to “protect and preserve the Town’s unique and sensitive natural environmental features as well as the water quality of the Keuka Outlet and Seneca Lake.”

The proposed law is modeled after the wastewater laws currently in place in the Keuka Lake and Canandaigua Lake watersheds, and includes requirements for periodic inspection of all septic systems within the town.

Interested residents can read the draft Town of Torrey Wastewater Law on the Town’s web site, www.townoftorrey .com, under laws, or obtain a copy from the town office.

I encourage all town and village residents to read the draft law and to attend the public hearing.

Pat Flynn

Town of Torrey