Letter to the Editor: Long term renewable energy

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

It has been inspiring to see the Finger Lakes community become aware of the high risks of hydrofracting in our clean watershed and to see people of all political parties step forward to express their deep concerns to the powerful oil companies. Many of our county legislatures, town boards, lake associations and local citizens are now saying “let’s be careful” because the natural gas hydrofracking process has a very high risk to our health, environment and to our proven economically sustainable economies.

Over the decades many local people have invested their energies to grow farms, wineries and tourism in the Finger Lakes region, and that effort has created an economy that draws 20 million tourists each year and contributes billions of dollars to state and local economies.

Why put a clean watershed at risk?

The only real answer to side step hydrofracking in the FL is that local governments begin now to move forward with a long term plan for developing renewable energy solutions and creating new local industries to make new products and create new markets to use them.

We need to stop our long addiction to fossil fuels and put incentives directly into innovative clean energy research of natural sunlight, wind power, tidal power, biomass, hydropower, algae power and fuel cell technology. As an example, algae oil power is capable of fitting our existing refineries, tank transportation and pumping infrastructure. We do not need other countries taking our innovative ideas and manufacturing them for us to purchase.

There are now 50 million people below the poverty line and good paying manufacturing jobs are needed right now. It is our choice. We can continue to follow energy companies prescription to use fossil fuels with ever increasing costs or we can with a great spirit of cooperation stand up and write our own destiny in creating renewable energy products for manufacture right here. We need to move our short term elected representatives forward from thinking of next year’s elections into planning a “big picture” future economy based on a transition into renewable energy and the creation of local manufacturing jobs now!

Jack Wilbert