Letter to the Editor: Preparing for the Cookie Walk Crowd

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Annual Holiday Cookie Walk to support the Keuka Comfort Care Home has grown each year since its beginning in 2008. We expect this year to surpass previous years in both the amount of cookies received and the number of friendly patrons waiting for our doors to open at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 17.

We will have over 6,000 holiday cookies and treats of all kinds baked by talented and generous members of our community, sold at $8 per pound (unless otherwise stated).

With the expected crowd in mind, the Cookie Walk Committee has formed a plan to help alleviate over- crowding and limited parking, as well improve the speed of weighing and paying during the “sugar rush.”

If you arrive at the Cookie Walk before 10 a.m., you can expect to receive a numbered ticket from Santa and his elves as your drive in, and you may be asked to park your car at the county complex or other public parking area (if you are able). A shuttle will be available to transport patrons to and from the Presbyterian Church and the parking area (walking is also acceptable). This will improve our parking situation while still serving our earliest arriving patrons first. Your numbered ticket will serve as your place in line.

We will alleviate the  crowd by welcoming patrons in order of ticket numbers while maintaining a crowd at or below the posted room capacity. This is not only to give each patron more room to move around freely, but also for everyone’s safety! We are hoping to reduce the wait time to weigh and pay by allowing each patron to have the option to fill up to two boxes at a time - after all, each patron only has up to two available hands!

Our doors open at 10 a.m. and remain so until all of our treats are gone. To avoid the crowd and pre-order your cookies (at $9/pound), send an email to cookie@keukacomfortcarehome.org or call the house at 315-536-1690. If you would like to contribute by baking six dozen of the same type of cookie, email cookie@keukacomfortcarehome.org and let us know.

We have been consistently overwhelmed by the generosity of our bakers and volunteers, and the number of patrons who show up every year. The Keuka Comfort Care Home receives all profit from this event, and the Cookie Walk Committee thanks the community for its support of the Cookie Walk year after year.

Meredith Marsh

Cookie Walk Committee Chair