Letter to the Editor: My Christmas wish

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

My name is Sue, and I have a Christmas wish for everyone in our little part of the world. I live in Branchport. We don’t have a lot of money. Our home isn’t the nicest either, but my wish is to have everyone in Branchport to help one person a day and make a difference to someone.

Then I want this wish to go to Penn Yan and to Geneva and keep it going as far as it will go. This Christmas wish is from my heart, I’ve been helping people my whole life, which I learned from my parents. They didn’t have much either, but if someone needed help, they were there to help any way they could. They are gone now, but their life’s lesson and their help continues.

So please, keep this Christmas wish going. Even if you’ve never helped another person in your whole life try it out, it feels good. Help a neighbor work on their car, or help someone put their groceries in their car. It doesn’t take much to helping. This is my Christmas wish

Sue Hopkins