Letter to the Editor: We should all care about ‘fracking’

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Recently there were published reports that fracking had contributed pollutants to 21 homeowner wells in Wyoming.  However facts reveal the same area has had the same pollutant problems since 1880.

There were well-publicized issues supposedly caused by fracking in Kentucky. Rep. Reed, at a meeting in Italy, said his people had thoroughly checked into the issue and found it to be untrue.

I have talked to numerous people in Pennsylvania who live in fracking locations who have no issues, only thanks for the financial benefits. “It will pay for my farm, in time. There have been no problems.”

Honestly I do not have a dog in the fight, but I believe New York is cutting its own throat with this issue. We have the county and other state moneys being pledged for a “museum” which will destroy the attractiveness of the immediate area near the Keuka State Park. Those who will financially benefit are doing a great job of grabbing our tax dollars, for an issue which will become a detriment to the area.  (Check the similar project in the Adirondacks).

Many support the idea.  We have an opportunity to have significant economic benefit for the area, and those afraid of what might, but has not happened elsewhere, are working hard to keep it from happening. I believe this a great mistake.

Drilling in a miniscule 2,000 acre area of the 8.9 million acre ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge), which was passed by Congress in 1996 and was vetoed by President Clinton  “because it would take too long to be completed,” would have prevented approximately one half trillion dollars per year from leaving our country never to be seen again (until it returned to buy us out), every year since 2003 or 2005 (depending upon whose estimate of completion you believe). This is a model for our current fracking situation.  A minimum of $3 trillion going to those who do not like us. (What does it cost to fill your gas tank?)  Who cares?

Kill a tremendous improvement of the economic situation of people in central New York, for an unsubstantiated reason? Who cares?

I believe fracking is a savior for people who are hurting, and should be encouraged. We can prosper, or we can sink into poverty for baseless reasons. Who cares? We all should.

Jerry Johnson