Letter to the Editor: An opportunity for change

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Democrats in Yates County have a real opportunity to vote for change in the Primary Election on June 26.  

Strong candidates are vying to challenge Congressman Tom Reed and given his dismal voting record against working families, women, and the environment, change can’t happen soon enough.

Leslie Danks Burke is one of those strong candidates. She has the intelligence, the experience, and the determination to fight for what’s right.  

· Leslie will work to stop the assault on women’s rights that Mr.  Reed encourages. *

· Leslie will work to stop the assault on working families that Mr. Reed supports.**

· Leslie will work to protect our environment from the harmful effects of hydrofracking that Mr. Reed dismisses.***

Leslie Danks Burke will be the change we need in Congress.   Your voice matters.  Vote in the Democratic Primary on June 26.

*H.R. 4970 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act:   Mr. Reed:  YES

Strips protections for some  women while providing fewer protections for all women.

**H Con Res 112 2012-2013 Budget Plan:   Mr. Reed:  YES

Hurts seniors, children, working families , and the poor.  Provides tax breaks for the very wealthy and large corporations.

**H.R. 3094 Labor Law Amendments:   Mr. Reed:  YES

Imposes limits on union representation, union elections, and restricts collective bargaining units.

***H.R. 3408 Development of Oil Shale Resources:  Mr. Reed:  YES

Authorizes the exploration and development of oil shale and tar sand resources.  Requires the Secretary of the Interior to hold a commercial lease sale within 180 days after the enactment date of this bill and offer an additional 10 parcels of federally-owned oil shale and tar sands resources located on federal lands, including oil shale resources underlying non-federal surfaces, for exploration and development (Sec. 3).

Information on Congressman Reed’s voting record obtained from:  votesmart.org/#  and thomas.loc.gov /home/rollcallvotes.html

Carolyn Schaeffer

Penn Yan