Letter to the Editor from Todd Casella

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

In this District Attorney campaign, I have faced false accusations about who I am, what I stand for, where I live, and my experience as a prosecutor. Last week Gene Mitchell put many of these in a letter to the editor. He accused me of having cases dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct. This is not true. I have never had a case dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct. It is true that a notice of claim has been filed against me, but the accusations contained therein are false and vindictive and will be dismissed. The reality is, when you are tough on crime there are going to be disgruntled individuals who lash out. I am a zealous prosecutor who is not afraid to take difficult cases to trial when that is the right thing to do. That is what I have done time and again, and will do so as Yates County District Attorney.

No criminal complaint has been filed against my brother for a forged signature on my petitions. That is a lie. I have personally spoken to every law enforcement agency in Yates County and have confirmed that no such complaint has been filed against my brother, or anyone collecting signatures for me. Not one of the signatures on my petitions was removed for an allegation of forgery by the board of elections.

I did move during this campaign because it was the best decision for my family. The Fourth Department Appellate Division did not find that I had lied about my residence on my petitions. Nowhere in their decision does the word "lie" or any variation of that word appear. Yet, this is what Mr. Mitchell misrepresents. I live at the address that was on my petitions and have since the summer.

My family and I are sick and tired of being attacked personally with many untruths and distortions.

Active Law enforcement in Yates County has endorsed me because they have had enough of the current DA! They want new, honest leadership in the DA's office that is committed to working with them. They are sick of risking their lives to have their cases forgotten about or pled away. On November 7 I ask you to join the brave members of law enforcement in Yates County by voting for me to be your District Attorney.

Todd Casella


Editor's note: This letter has been edited to remove new issues not discussed in Mr. Mitchell's Oct. 25 letter.