Dundee Bowling: Both teams sweep Romulus 7-0

Bill Loveland

The Dundee Boys' and Girls' Bowling teams faced off against Honeoye and Romulus last week, coming away with mixed results.

The Boys' team was defeated 5-2 by the Honeoye Bulldogs with an overall deficit of 2,232-2,052. Glenn Sherwood led the Scots with a 467, while teammate Brett Bogart bowled a 424. Calvin Bower led Honeoye with a 561, while Scott Westcott and Tim Manciocchi had matches of 499 and 498 respectively.

The Scots' then swept Romulus 7-0 three days later, outscoring the Warriors 2,183-1,954. Dakota Delamater led Dundee with a 510, while Bogart and Jason Easling had a 458 and a 454. The Warriors were led by Tyler Wells, who bowled a 547, while teammate Coty Scharett had rolled a 457.

The Girls' team was swept 7-0 by Honeoye by a deficit of 2,666-1,660. Amanda Krause bowled a 423 to lead the Scots. Each of Honeoye's bowlers bowled at least a 506 match, with Sam Marshall leading the way with a 580 overall.

The Scots rebounded from the loss to Honeoye with a 7-0 sweep of Romulus, with an overall score of 1,722-1,483. Krause again led Dundee with a 454, while Melvina Rhode bowled a 373. Jordan Scialdone and Teresa Jensen led the Warriors with matches of 473 and 377.