Junior bowlers compete in Penn Yan

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The Chronicle Express
Some of the Finger Lakes Junior Bowlers who earned trophies at the USBC Singles Tournament at Brock’s Bowl March 15.

The Finger Lakes USBC (United States Bowling Conference) Junior Singles Tournament was held at Brock’s Bowl March 15. Young bowlers from teams at both Brock’s and Sunset Bowl came together to compete, with the competition also open to any player who had bowled in either the Finger Lakes East or Finger Lakes West school leagues during the 2019-2020 season. The results were as follows:

In Divison 1 Boys (average of 160 and over)

High game: Connor Harmon (Brock’s) - 214

High game (handicap): Dutcher Samatulski (Brock’s) - 224

High series: Chance Rivera (Sunset) - 618

High series (handicap): Oakley Fitzgerald (Sunset) - 660

In Division 2 Boys (average of 159 or under)

High game: Chase Fitzgerald (Sunset) - 170

High game (handicap): Kyle Brown (Sunset) - 211

High series: Colin Johnson (Sunset) - 449

High series (handicap): Brett Werner (Sunset) - 626

In Division 1 Girls (average of 130 and over)

High game: Anella Tillman (Brock’s) - 192

High game (handicap): Andy Kniffin (Brock’s) - 211

High series: Kari Ayers (Brock’s) - 582

High series (handicap): Cassie Morrissette (Brock’s) - 647

In Division 2 Girls (average of 129 or under)

High game: Destiny Rast (Marcus Whitman) - 132

High game (handicap): Bella Baker (Sunset) - 225

High series: Ameina Samatulski (Brock’s) - 442

High series (handicap): Brianna Baker (Sunset) - 657