HIGH SCHOOL ROUNDUP: Finger Lakes bowlers, coaches recognized

Rob Maeske
The Chronicle-Express


Feb. 10-11

The Finger Lakes Coaches Tournament Doubles and Singles Event was held recently at Roseland Bowl in Hopewell. The event acts as a bookend to the regular bowling season for the Finger Lakes League, though the true end of the season comes with Sectionals, which will be held this weekend. The event is played over two days, with the Finger Lakes East division taking the lanes on the 10th and the West bowling on the 11th. In each divisional competition, Doubles and Singles are split into 3 sections (A,B and C) by average and medals are awarded to the top teams at the end.

The event also acted as an awards ceremony for the Finger Lakes League, recognizing the achievements of players and coaches through the season.

Divisional Champions

Finger Lakes East Boys: Penn Yan

Finger Lakes East Girls: Newark

Finger Lakes West Boys: Bloomfield

Finger Lakes West Girls: Dundee

Coaches of the Year

Finger Lakes East Boys: Mindy Johnson (Penn Yan)

Finger Lakes East Girls: Mark Rowe (Newark)

Finger Lakes West Boys: Heather Ruger (Bloomfield), Courtney Eddinger (Dundee)

Finger Lakes West Girls: Courtney Eddinger (Dundee)

Event Winners

Finger Lakes East Boys

High Game: 279 - Joseph DiLella (Wayne), Michael Prizzi (Wayne)

High Series: 761 - Joseph DiLella

High Avg.: 221 - Michael Prizzi

Finger Lakes East Girls

High Game: 300 - Natalie Kent (Newark)

High Series: 755 - Natalie Kent

High Avg.: 210 Natalie Kent

Finger Lakes West Boys

High Game: 299 - Ryan Wollschleger (Bloomfield)

High Series: 640 - Ryan Wollschleger

High Avg.: 194 - Ryan Wollschleger

Finger Lakes West Girls

High Game: 238 - Cassie Morrissette (Dundee)

High Series: 523 - Jaedyn Brewer (Dundee)

High Avg.: 144 - Cassie Morrissette

Boys Basketball

Feb. 14

Honeoye 46, Dundee 44

Dundee had their first game of the season in an odd Sunday contest, falling to Honeoye in a very close game that saw the Bulldogs take the win with the strength of their 4th-quarter effort, outscoring the Scots 12-4. Jack Reynolds led Honeoye with 19 points and 11 rebounds, while Alex Jarosinski scored 10 points and Charlie Farrel scored 6 points. For Dundee, Logan Salvatore had 15 points (all from 3-pointers), while Steven Webster had 12 points and 12 rebounds.

Feb. 15

Penn Yan 75, Newark 62

Penn Yan got their first win of the season, beating Newark at home. Griffin Emerson was the top shooter for the Mustangs, scoring 4 3-pointers and going 3 for 4 in free throws. Also for Penn Yan, Mason Kuver scored 18 points and Devon Gerhardt scored 10. On Newark's side, Brayden Steve scored 24 points, hitting 6 3-pointers and Simon von Hersch scored 15.

Waterloo 65, Marcus Whitman 56

Waterloo (1-3) beat the visiting Wildcats, bringing Whitman's record to 3-1. For Whitman, Ryan Herod scored 16 points and Connor Tomion scored 12 points, while Aidan Royston and Jordan Lahue each scored 11. Kyle Slywka scored 26 for Waterloo.

Feb. 17

Geneva 88, Penn Yan 59

Geneva (3-1) defeated the visiting Mustangs, dropping Penn Yan's record to 1-4. For Geneva, Nasir Harrison scored 23 points, Da'Marion McCall scored 16 and Devon Martin scored 15. For Penn Yan, Mason Kuver scored 15 points, with 7 of those coming from free throws and Javyn Gammaro scored 14 points.

Dundee 68, Naples 50

Dundee picked up a win against Naples at home, evening out their record to 1-1. Dundee's Steven Webster led his team with 24 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks. Also for Dundee, Logan Salvatore scored 13 points, 11 rebounds and 6 steals and Peyton Boudinot scored 10. For Naples, Ryan Lester scored 23 points and Cade Rathburn scored 11.

Blake Machuga (#5) and Steven Webster (#33) of Dundee defend against a Naples layup.
Dundee’s # 33 Steven Webster shoots from the free throw line against Naples.

Pal-Mac 56, Marcus Whitman 50

Pal-Mac (4-1) beat out Whitman in 2nd OT, outscoring the Wildcats 8-2. For Pal-Mac, Paul Goodness scored 21 points, Ian Goodness scored 17 points and Quinn Nolan scored 13. Whitman's top scorers were Noah Hildreth with 14 points, Ryan Herod with 13 and Jordan Lahue with 12.

Feb. 19

Penn Yan 62, Waterloo 61

Penn Yan defeated Waterloo at home with a 3-point buzzer-beater from Oliver Connelly, bringing the Mustangs up to 2-4 for the season. Griffin Emerson was Penn Yan's overall top scorer, bringing in 17 points while Mason Kuver scored 12. For Waterloo, Kyle Slywka scored 25 points and Nolan Slywka brought in 11 points. it was a night of last-second wins for Penn Yan, as the J.V. game was also won by a buzzer-beating shot.

Penn Yan's #40 Emerson Griffin drives into the basket for a layup against Waterloo.
Penn Yan's #42 Mason Kuver launches a jump shot against Waterloo.

HAC 61, Dundee 46

Dundee lost at home to Harley-Allendale-Columbia, bringing the Scots' record to 1-2 this season. From HAC, Max Brown scored 21 points while Rafael Ferguson and Theo Colosimo each scored 9. For Dundee, Steven Webster scored 18 points, Logan Salvatore scored 13 points and Blake Machuga scored 7.

Geneva 76, Marcus Whitman 52

Whitman fell to home-team Geneva (4-1) in the Wildcats' third straight loss after three consecutive wins to open the season. Whitman's record stands at 3-3.

Feb. 20

South Seneca 43, Dundee 40

The Scots fell at South Seneca (4-1) in a narrow loss that brings Dundee to 1-3 for the season.

Girls Basketball

Feb. 15

Penn Yan 73, Newark 39

The Lady Mustangs soundly defeated the Newark Reds in Newark, bringing Penn Yan's record to 3-1. Joddie Decker scored 18 points for the Mustangs with 10 assists and 7 rebounds. Also for Penn Yan, Hayley Anderson scored 17 points and Kaley Griffin scored 10. Jammie Decker helped the team's effort with 9 rebounds. For Newark (1-3), Lena Ramos scored 11 points and Michaela Colacino scored 9.

Marcus Whitman 56, Romulus 22

Whitman defeated Romulus (0-3) in a mostly one-sided match that saw the Wildcats' record rising to 3-1. For Whitman, Katie Deatherage scored 17 points, 7 rebounds and 7 steals. Katie Bootes scored 10 points and Olivia Herod scored 8. Aurora Woodworth helped her team with 4 points, 8 steals, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

Feb. 17

Penn Yan 59, Geneva 15

The Penn Yan girls put a hurting on visiting Geneva (0-5), outscoring the Panthers by more than 3 to 1. For Penn Yan, Kaley Griffin led with 16 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals. Teammate Joddie Decker scored 13 points while hauling in 10 rebounds and Hayley Anderson scored 12 points with 3 steals. Rylie McGhan scored 7 points for Geneva.

Dundee/Bradford 57, Naples 18

Dundee/Bradford trounced Naples (0-4) in their third straight win this season. For the Scots, Mackenzie Cratsley had 15 points and 4 rebounds, Kendall Parker scored 12 points, 4 rebounds and 7 steals and Kailey Yeoman scored 10 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals.

Marcus Whitman 58, HAC 26

The Wildcats won out over HAC (2-3) at home, raising their record to 4-1 with a third consecutive win. For Whitman, Katie Deatherage scored 21 points while Maddie Ryan scored 19 with 12 rebounds. For HAC, Eliza Nicosia and Anna Thomas each scored 11 points.

Feb. 19

Waterloo 48, Penn Yan 36

Waterloo beat Penn Yan at home, dropping the Mustangs to 4-2 this season. Natalie DiSanto led Waterloo's efforts, scoring 10 points with 5 rebounds and 4 steals, while teammate McKenzie Barber scored 9 points and 8 rebounds. For Penn Yan, Hayley Anderson scored 18 points, Kaley Griffin and Sierra Harrison each scored 6 points and Jammie Decker added 4 points while snagging 14 rebounds. We'll have the results of Penn Yan's next game against Pal-Mac in next week's issue.

Dundee/Bradford 67, HAC 39

The girls from Dundee/Bradford continued their undefeated streak this season, moving to 4-0 this season after defeating Harley-Allendale-Columbia. Mackenzie Cratsley scored 13 points, 6 rebounds and 3 steals to lead Dundee's drive. Also for the Scots, Kailey Yeoman scored 12 points with 7 steals, Kendall Parker also scored 12 points and Hallie Knapp scored 10 points while hauling in 17 rebounds. For HAC, Eliza Nicosia scored 20 points with 7 rebounds and Chloe Fowler scored 11 points.

Marcus Whitman 53, Red Jacket 27

Whitman snagged their fourth straight win in a game with a very similar score to their last two. The Wildcats' record now stands at 5-1 in an almost completely dominant season. For Whitman, Olivia Herod scored 15 points, Evelyn Lambert scored 12 points, Maddie Ryan scored 11 points and Katie Deatherage scored 10. Emily Record scored 9 points for Red Jacket.


Feb. 18

North Rose-Wolcott 36, Penn Yan 15

South Seneca 48, Dundee 6

Waterloo 42, Marcus Whitman 15

Zach Durgan won by fall in 55 seconds at 132 pounds for Whitman and Austin Smith won a 1-0 decision over Waterloo's Zachary Coleman at 172 pounds. Those wins were not enough to hold off Waterloo, who took the overall win in points.

Penn Yan wrestler Avery Castner lost by pin in this match.
Penn Yan’s Alec Benson lifts his opponent in an escape move. He lost by pin.