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Boys Lacrosse

At the varsity boys' lacrosse game against Midlakes May 13, the faceoff with Penn Yan’s # 5 Mekhi Mahan and Midlakes # 8 Walker Rearick has the ball squirting though Mekhi’s legs and Walker driving into him to get to the ball.

May 6

Penn Yan 15, Geneva 8

Penn Yan grabbed a third-straight win, beating Geneva by 7. While the match went point for point through the first half of the game, Penn Yan outscored Geneva by 3 in the third period and 4 in the fourth. For PY, Max Brodmann had 6 goals, Ayden Mowry had 4 goals and Devon Gerhardt had 3 goals with 3 assists. Griffin Emerson made 4 saves for Penn Yan in his 46 minutes in goal, after which 8th-grader Wil Thompson got to play in his first Varsity game, allowing 1 goal in his 2 minutes on the field. Nate Askin had 3 goals and an assist for Geneva, while Garrett Kayser made 4 saves and allowed all 15 of Penn Yan's points. 

Marcus Whitman 17, Waterloo 0

After two close calls in the first games of the season, Whitman snagged their first shutout of the year. The Wildcats had 6 unanswered goals in both the first and second periods, adding another 5 in the second half of play. Ryan Herod led Whitman with 3 goals and 4 assists. Also for the Wildcats, Connor Tomion had 3 goals and 2 assists and Aiden Royston had 3 goals. Raymond Jones had 11 saves in goal for Waterloo. Whitman is now 3-0 this season.

May 7

Marcus Whitman 8, Wayne 7

The Wildcats ground out a tough win against Wayne, winning by a single point in the closest game of Whitman's season so far. With both teams at 3 points at halftime, the difference came in the 3rd period, where Whitman was able to get the point advantage. Aidan Royston had 3 goals and an assist, Ryan Herod had 2 goals and 3 assists and Rylan Weissinger had 3 goals. Robert Craine made 6 saves for the Wildcats. In goal for Wayne, Jack Acker made 12 saves and allowed all 8 points.

May 8

Penn Yan 9, Pal-Mac 2

Pal-Mac put up 2 points to the Mustangs' 3 in the first period, but had no response the rest of the game as Penn Yan continued to rack up points. Ayden Mowry led Penn Yan's efforts with 4 goals and an assist, while Devon Gerhardt had 2 goals and 4 assists. Griffin Emerson made 9 saves in goal. Goals for Pal-Mac came from Quinn Nolan and Damian Knaak. In goal for Pal-Mac, Wil Nichols made 14 saves, with Penn Yan still finding the net 9 times. The win brought Penn Yan's season to 4-0.

Marcus Whitman 13, Gananda 2

Whitman won again, making it five in a row for the undefeated Wildcats. Ryan Herod really turned up the heat, scoring 6 times and getting 4 assists. Also for Whitman, Connor Gorton had 2 goals and 3 assists, Kyle Murphy had 3 goals and Connor Tomion had 2 goals and an assist. Whitman goalie Robert Craine made 2 saves and allowed 2 goals, while in the opposite goal, Giorgio Catanzaro had 4 saves and 4 goals allowed. Gananda's 2 goals came from Cohyn Reisman and Drew Smith.

May 10

Marcus Whitman 18, Batavia 0

The Whitman Wildcats got their second shutout not even halfway through the season, extending their win streak to six. Connor Tomion had 3 goals and an assist, Connor Gorton had 2 goals and 3 assists and Ryan Herod scored a goal while picking up 7 assists. Bryce Tomion and Kyle Murphy each had a pair of goals for Whitman. Batavia fielded two goalies, each picking up 24 minutes of playtime. Andrew Atwood made 7 saves while allowing 10 goals in the first half, being replaced by Dustin Forsha who made 3 saves and allowed 8.

May 11

Penn Yan 12, Wayne 0

Penn Yan got their first shutout of the season on Tuesday, but given how they've been playing, it almost certainly won't be their last. 12 unanswered points saw the Mustangs extend their win streak to 5 in a thus far undefeated season. Top scorers for Penn Yan were Max Brodmann with 4 goals and an assist, Carter Earl with 3 goals and 2 assists and Devon Gerhardt with 2 goals and 4 assists. PY's Griffin Emerson made 7 saves while allowing nothing from the Eagles. In goal for Wayne, Jack Acker made 18 saves.

Livonia-Avon 11, Marcus Whitman 5

Whitman was handed their first loss of the year by Livonia-Avon (4-3), stopping their streak at six in a season that has so far shown the Wildcats little competition. Livonia-Avon started out strong, outscoring Whitman 5-1 in the first period and adding another point to their lead in the second. Livonia added yet another point to their advantage in the third. While Whitman was finally able to match Livonia goal for goal in the fourth, it was too little, too late. Jackson McEnerney had 6 goals and an assist for Livonia-Avon, Justin Skelly had 2 goals and 3 assists and Christian Rumfola had 2 goals and an assist. For Whitman, Rylan Weissinger had 2 goals, while Aidan Royston, Kyle Murphy and Brody Royston each scored once. Matt Beachel had 6 saves and allowed 3 goals for Livonia-Avon, while Robert Craine made 11 saves and allowed 11 goals in Whitman's net.

May 13

Penn Yan 19, Midlakes-Red Jacket 0

The Mustangs (6-0) are up to six straight wins and two shutouts in a row after a game against Midlakes-Red Jacket that was over almost from the start. Starting with 10 unanswered points in the first period, PY eventually ran the score up to 19, the point at which they can no longer attempt to score. The game saw Penn Yan get several of their second and third string players some play time, including 8th-grade goalie Wil Thompson, who made a save after being put in for the fourth period. At the final buzzer, Thompson's fellow Mustangs rushed the 5-foot-nothing goalie with cheers and headpats as teammate Kyler Lloyd picked Wil up and spun him around. Ayden Mowry had 6 goals and an assist, taking the lead for season goals with 24 so far. Mekhi Mahan had 3 goals and an assist, Devon Gerhardt had 2 goals and 2 assists and Frank Ochoa and 8th-grader Teagan Fingar each had 2, marking Ochoa's first scores of the season. 

Marcus Whitman 10, Bath 7

After sucking up their first win of the season against Livonia-Avon two days earlier, the Wildcats were back at it, beating Bath in one of Whitman's closest games this year. Whitman took an early lead, tripling and then doubling the Rams' output in the first two quarters. Bath was able to make up a little ground in the 3rd, but Whitman got the advantage back at the end, picking up their seventh win this season. Connor Gorton led the WIldcats' this time around, with three goals and an assist in the books. Aidan Royston also had three scores, while Kyle Murphy and Ryan Herod each had two; Herod picking up an assist as well. Robert Craine had the majority of net time for Whitman, making eight saves. He was relieved by Blake Dunton, who made two saves in his two minutes on the field. In net for Bath was Ethan Narby, who was only able to make two saves over 48 minutes of play time. Ian DiDomineck made three scores for Bath, with Jamie O'Neil picking up two goals and four assists. 

May 18

Penn Yan 19, Mynderse 0

In Mynderse on Tuesday, the Mustangs maxed out their scoring limit for the second game in a row, also picking up their second-straight shutout win. That's also seven unbroken wins, with their closest competition a 15-8 game against Geneva and puts the Mustangs running neck and neck with Marcus Whitman for the pole position in the Finger Lakes League. With four goals and 4 assists, Devon Gerhardt picked up the most points overall for PY. Gerhardt was followed by Max Brodman (3 goals, 2 assists), Teagan Fingar (4 goals, 1 assist), Mekhi Mahan (2 goals, 3 assists) and Oliver Connelly (3 goals, 1 assist). Griffin Emerson saved the two shots made against him, while 8th-grader Wil Thompson picked up another 12 minutes of field time, adding another save to his season stats.

Marcus Whitman 9, Geneva 6

Whitman picked up a second-straight win in Geneva, kicking off their second winning streak this season. Currently leading the Finger Lakes League with an 8-1 record, the Wildcats will square off against 3rd place Pal-Mac on Thursday. In a hard-fought match, Geneva led 3-2 at the end of the 1st period, with Whitman taking the advantage 3-1 in the 2nd. Geneva tied things up in the 3rd, but three unanswered goals in the last quarter from Whitman sealed the deal. Ryan Herod took the lead for the Wildcats, scoring four goals and three assists. Aidan Royston tacked on three, while Connor Tomion helped his team with a goal and assist. Daniel Wright was the lead scorer for Geneva with three goals, while Ryan Brown had two goals and an assist. 

Girls Lacrosse

May 7

Penn Yan 11, Marcus Whitman 5

PY took down Whitman for their second win of the season, outscoring the Wildcats 7-2 in the first half and 4-3 in the second. Hayley Anderson led the Mustangs with 6 goals and 1 assist. Kaley Griffin scored 2 goals, while Reilly Cohick had one goal and an assist. In goal for Penn Yan, Hannah Parsons made 11 saves while allowing 5 scores. For the Wildcats, Katrina Marten had 2 goals and Olivia Herod had a goal and an assist. The loss puts Whitman at 2-2 this season.

May 10

Penn Yan 13, Waterloo 10

Penn Yan took the win over Waterloo, raising their record to 3-1. Penn Yan's 9-5 lead at halftime proved too much for the Indians to come back from, despite outscoring the Mustangs by a point in the second half. The Mustangs' lead scorer was Hayley Anderson, who racked up 6 goals and 4 assists. Also for PY, Avery Castner had 3 goals and Grace Ledgerwood had 2. Hannah Parsons made 9 saves and allowed all 10 of the Indians' points. Waterloo's leader was Madison DeFrancisco with 7 goals. Dana Jolly made 5 saves in goal for the Indians.

Marcus Whitman 14, Gananda 1

Coming off their loss to Penn Yan, Whitman came back with a lopsided win over Gananda, bringing their record to 3-2. Whitman had 8 goals in the first half and 6 in the second. For the Wildcats, Maddie Ryan had 4 goals and 2 assists, Katrina Marten had 3 goals and 2 assists, Olivia Herod had 3 goals and Katie Deatherage had 2 goals and 2 assists. Gananda's single goal came from Yadleen Gill.

May 12

Penn Yan 17, Wayne 3

A big win at Wayne saw the Mustangs pushing their winning season to 4-1. Penn Yan had 11 points in the first half to the Eagles' 3 and another 6 unanswered goals in the second. Top players for Penn Yan included Hayley Anderson with 3 goals and 8 assists, Grace Ledgerwood with 4 goals and Kaley Griffin with 2 goals and 2 assists. Hannah Parsons made 5 saves for Penn Yan.  

Geneva 9, Marcus Whitman 6

Geneva took the win at home against the Wildcats, evening Whitman's record to 3-3 this season. Grace Validzic had 2 goals and 3 assists for Geneva, while teammate Rylie McGhan scored 4 times. For Whitman, Olivia Herod had 3 goals, Katrina Marten had a goal and an assist and Colleen Martin scored 1. Allie Klestinec made 8 saves for Geneva. 

May 14

Waterloo 17, Marcus Whitman 9

Whitman went to Waterloo, but didn't get the win. The Indians were able to outscore the Wildcats by a near perfect 2:1 ratio, ending the first half at 10-5 and hitting seven goals to Whitman's five in the final two quarters. Esabella Bourne led Waterloo's game with 5 goals and an assist, while Madison DeFrancisco came in with 2 goals and 2 assists. For Whitman, Olivia Herod had three goals, while Lily Morse and Maddie Ryan each got two. The Lady Wildcats were 3-4 after the loss.

May 17

Pal-Mac 12, Penn Yan 7

The Mustangs took a loss to Pal-Mac (7-2), dropping their record to 4-2. The Red Raiders found the net five times to Penn Yan's two goals in the first half, and seven to PY's five in the second half. Kylie Waeghe and Reagan Diehl each had three goals for Pal-Mac and Sophia Lyko added two goals and three assists. Grace Ledgerwood was the lead scorer for Penn Yan with three goals, while Kaley Griffin, Aubriana Green and Hayley Anderson each had two; Anderson also adding an assist. In the nets, Cassidy Herendeen made six saves for the Raiders, while Hannah Parson had nine saves for Penn Yan. 

May 19

Penn Yan 9, Aquinas 8

Penn Yan squeaked out a close win against visiting Aquinas (6-4), bumping the Mustangs up to 5-2 this season. Hayley Anderson led the way for PY with five goals and two assists. Also for Penn Yan, Grace Ledgerwood scored twice, while Corinne Barden and Kaley Griffin had a goal each. Hannah Parsons made nine saves in net for the Mustangs. Despite picking up their second loss two days earlier, Penn Yan sits atop the Class D standings.


May 7

Penn Yan 6, Midlakes 2

After losing two in a row at home, the Mustangs snapped back with a win in Midlakes, evening out their record to 2-2. Senior Clark Simmons pitched 5 innings for Penn Yan, walking away with 9 strikeouts. Meanwhile, Freshman Brady Bouchard tallied 3 Ks in the two innings he pitched. Simmons went 1-3 at the plate, while Bouchard and teammate Alex Foster were each 1-2. 

May 11

Newark 7, Penn Yan 0

Penn Yan suffered a lopsided loss to Newark on Tuesday, their third straight home game that has ended in defeat for the Mustangs. Brady Bouchard pitched most of four innings, racking up 5 Ks, while Clark Simmons got 3 Ks in a little over 3 innings on the mound. Senior Matt Lerch went 1-2 for PY. The Mustangs are now 2-3 in the season.

May 13

Penn Yan 12, Geneva 8

The Mustangs won in Geneva, bringing their record to an even 3-3. Senior Mark Preston started, pitching a great game, with Senior Mason MacKerchar in relief. PY had a total of eight hits, while Geneva walked 10 runners. Coach Steve Bouchard praised his team's defense in the game.

May 17

Waterloo 5, Penn Yan 0

Penn Yan got shut out at home against Waterloo (4-4), dropping the Mustangs' record to 3-4 this season.


May 7

Honeoye 31, Marcus Whitman 0

The Wildcats had two abysmal days that week, taking a massive loss to Honeoye just one day after suffering a 22-0 defeat from Red Jacket in their season opener. 

May 10

Dundee/Bradford 8, Red Jacket 7

The BraveScots defeated Red Jacket thanks to a walk-off single at the end of the game, bumping Bradford/Dundee to 3-1 this season. The game was tied at seven with Bradford/Dundee batting in the bottom of the 10th, when Nikki Peterson singled on the first pitch at bat, scoring the game's winning run. Cambri Harrian went 5-5 at the plate for the BraveScots, getting a single in the1st, doubling in the 3rd and getting homers in the 5th, 7th and 9th. On the mound, Harrian allowed 12 hits and 7 runs over 10 innings, striking out 11. Della Dorgan was the lead pitcher for Red Jacket, lasting 9 1/3 innings and allowing 16 hits and 7 runs, while striking out 8 and walking one.

May 11

Newark 9, Penn Yan 6

Newark (4-0) took the win in Penn Yan, dropping the Mustangs to 1-2. PY had 3 runs in the 5th inning, closing the score to a single point, but two Newark runs in the 6th sealed the deal. Tia Brown had 16 strikeouts for the Reds with no walks, while Mustangs pitcher Giana Ficcaglia notched 11 Ks with two walks. Annabella Phillips was the big hitter for the Reds, knocking out a 3-run homer in the 4th. Ficcaglia scored a home run in the 1st inning and tripled in the 5th for the Mustangs.

May 12

Dundee/Bradford 15, Naples 0

The BraveScots swept the Big Green on Wednesday, driving their winning record up to 4-1. The biggest inning for Dundee/Bradford was the 5th, where they managed to rack up 9 runs due to 2 singles from Makenzie Cratsley, a single each from Cheyenne Cummings and Kayla Andrews, a groundout by Abigail King and an error on a ball put in play by Mikayla Schoffner. Cratsley also had 4 steals in the game. Emma Brace doubled for Naples in the 1st. Cambri Harrian pitched a complete shutout, allowing only 3 hits and not a single run in the five innings she was on the mound. Harrian had 7 Ks. For the Big Green, Alicia Livermore gave up 12 runs on 12 hits over four innings, striking out three and walking one. 

Bloomfield 16, Marcus Whitman 1

In what is becoming an unfortunate trend for the Wildcats, Whitman took a third one-sided loss in as many games, taking them to 0-3. The game was a minor improvement, with Whitman scoring their first run of the season and holding the game to a 15-point difference, their lowest deficit of the year so far.

May 13

Penn Yan 17, Geneva 1

Penn Yan decimated Geneva, picking up their second win of the season in a dominant display. The win bumped the Mustangs up to 2-2 this season.

May 14

Dundee-Bradford 22, Marcus Whitman 2

Squaring off at Finger Lakes Community College, the BraveScots (5-1) demolished the Wildcats (0-4) by 20 runs; Dundee's second one-sided victory in a row and third-straight win. Kirsta Sleve was bad news for opposing pitchers on Friday, driving in four runs on three hits. Sleve drove in runs on a single in the first, a single in the second, and a home run in the fourth. Dundee-Bradford opened up the scoring in the first inning when Mikayla Schoffner drew a walk, scoring one run, and tallied nine runs in the fourth inning. The offensive onslaught by Dundee-Bradford was led by Sleve, Kailey Yeoman, Cambri Harrian, and Schoffner, who all drove in runs. Addie Kendall led things off on the mound, allowing zero hits and two runs, while walking one. The BraveScots launched five home runs on the day, flying from the bats of Harrian, Sleve, Schoffner, Kendall and Makenzie Cratsley. Nikki Peterson managed five stolen bases, out of a total 18 stolen by the BraveScots. 

May 17

Waterloo 22, Penn Yan 6

Penn Yan lost to Waterloo in both baseball and softball on Monday, with the Mustang girls getting creamed at home by the Indians. Penn Yan managed to get two runs in the 1st, three in the 5th and one in the 7th, but it wasn't enough to stand up to Waterloo, who found runs in every inning except the 4th. Makayla Jensen had four strikeouts for the Indians, while PY pitcher Giana Ficcaglia also tallied four Ks, with replacement Elle Harrison picking up another strikeout. Kiana Larham doubled for Penn Yan and Ficcaglia popped a triple in the 5th. The Mustangs are 2-3 after the loss. 

Dundee-Bradford 6, Campbell-Savona 0

Cambri Harrian was brilliant in the circle on Monday, throwing a no-hitter to lead Dundee-Bradford past Campbell-Savona. The BraveScots got on the board in the first inning when Kirsta Sleve singled on a 1-1 count, scoring one run. Harrian was the winning pitcher for Dundee-Bradford, lasting seven innings, allowing zero hits, zero runs and striking out ten. Lydia Hawken led things off on the rubber for Campbell-Savona. The hurler surrendered six runs on six hits over six innings, striking out nine and walking one. Sleve went 2-3 at the plate to lead Dundee-Bradford in hits. The win marks four in a row for Dundee and six total.

May 18

Dundee 8, Red Jacket 5

Continuing their hot streak, Dundee-Bradford racked up their fifth-straight win. The BraveScots are now 7-1. Red Jacket got things started in the first inning, scoring one run when Ashley Reed singled. After Dundee-Bradford scored one run in the top of the fifth, Red Jacket answered with one of their own. The BraveScots scored again when Cheyenne Cummings singled on a 0-1 count, sending another runner home before pulling away for good with four runs in the 4th. Cambri Harrian was the winning pitcher for Dundee, allowing four hits and five runs over seven innings, striking out ten and walking one. Della Dorgan toed the rubber for Red Jacket. The pitcher went seven innings, allowing eight runs on nine hits and striking out ten. Dundee-Bradford tallied nine hits. Cummings, Mikayla Schoffner and Addie Kendall all had two hits. Dundee-Bradford stole 17 bases during the game with five players stealing more than one. Cummings led the way with five.

Marcus Whitman 7, Naples 22

The Wildcats took their fifth-straight loss in their so-far winless season, losing on the road to Naples. The win was the first in Naples also winless season, snapping their losing streak just short of the five game mark.

Track & Field

May 10

Dundee, Penn Yan, North Rose-Wolcott, Williamson at Dundee

Dundee has a young, but increasingly noteworthy athlete in 8th-grader Kendall Parker. On Monday, Parker won the Girl High Jump (4-10), took 2nd in the 100M Dash (14.12), 4th in the Long Jump (13-03) and was lead runner for Dundee's 'A' team in the 4x100M Relay, where they took 2nd place. That team also included Lily Hall, who won the Triple Jump (31-05.50) and placed 5th in the 100M, Maya Sommerville, who took 3rd in the 200M (32.21) and Triple Jump (27-11') and Jimya Johnson, who placed directly behind Somerville in the 200M. Also for Dundee, Junior Hallie Knapp won the Discus Throw (98-02) and took 3rd in the Shot Put (26-04.75)

Top performers for the Penn Yan girls were Seniors Joddie Decker, who won both the 1500M Run (5:12.61) as well as the 3000M (11:25.28), Jaina Doyle, who grabbed 2nd in the 800M (3:00.53) and 1500M (5:54) and Alexxis Henry, who snagged 3rd in the 800M (3:08.63), 2nd in the 100M Hurdles (19.34) and 2nd in the Long Jump (13-09).

In the Boys division, Dundee Senior Brady Richardson won the 100M (12.30) and 200M (25.70), while classmate Steven Webster won the 400M (58.16). Also for Dundee, Freshman Alexander Leonard got 3rd in the 3200M (13:24.13) and  Freshman Thomas Benedick took 2nd in the 110M Hurdles (21.88). Dundee owned the High Jump, with Logan Buchanan taking 1st (5-05) and Peyton Boudinot taking 2nd (4-10). Boudinot tied for top place in the Pole Vault (8-09) with Penn Yan's David Reid. The Shot Put was also Dundee's, with Hunter Crofoot taking 1st (38-02) and Tate Hoyt taking 3rd (33-07) and the Discus saw Hoyt take 2nd (95-09) and Crofoot take 3rd (92-10). The Dundee 'A' Relay team of Richardson, Nick Slavik, Logan Salvatore, and Jonathan Bell won both the 4x100M and 4x800M relays. 

The 4x400M, however, belonged to Penn Yan, who's 'B' team of Carson Nagpaul, David Reid, Anthony Wheeler and James Eaves took first, while PY's 'A' team of David Young, James Tette, Gabe Hopkins and Dominic Lafferty took 3rd. Tette, a Freshman, won the 1600M (5:03.32) and took 2nd in the 800M (2:22.94), while Lafferty, a Senior, took 2nd in the 200M (26.80) and the Long Jump (18-07). Nagpaul took 2nd  in the Triple Jump (35-00) and 4th in the 800M (2:25.76). Also for PY, Junior Jacob Gilbert took 2nd in the 400M Hurdles (1:14.01).

Marcus Whitman, Bloomfield-Honeoye, Clyde-Savannah, Newark at Bloomfield

Whitman had a strong performance at the meet in Bloomfield, taking top spots in several events. Sophomore Aurora Woodworth took two wins for the Whitman girls, the first in the 800M Run (2:42.62) and also in the 400M Hurdles (1:19.49). Also picking up top points for Whitman, Makayla Selvek won the girls' Discus (71-02) and took 2nd in the Shot Put (29-08.50). The Wildcats had several notable Freshmen, including Lana Burnett, who won the girls' Long Jump (14-04) and took 2nd in 200M Dash (29.70), Evelyn Eckdahl, who took 2nd in the 400M Hurdles (1:20.22), 3rd in the 200M Dash (30.67) and 4th in the 1500M (6:19.73), Taylor Bond, who took 4th in both the 200M Dash (31.65) and 400M Hurdles (1:25.09) and Sierra Eddinger, who took 3rd in the Triple Jump (27-08.50). 

For the Whitman boys, wins came from JT Zimmerman in the 1600M (5:12.43), Tim Hansen in the 800M (2:11.35), Dawsen Christensen in the Long Jump (19-01.50), Ben Clark in the Pole Vault (8-00) and Donnie Cody in the Shot Put (37-00). Christensen also took 2nd in the Triple Jump (37-06), while Hansen took 3rd in the 3200M (11:28.20), followed by Zimmerman (11:46.09).  Senior Austin Mangiarelli finished behind Cody in the Shot Put (35-02.50). The Discus finished with Whitman's Ben Clark, Donnie Cody and Connor Rinas taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th spots, respectively. Junior Nolan Lee finished 3rd in the High Jump (5-04) and 4th in the 100M Dash (12.48), behind Dawsen Christensen.

May 12

Dundee, Mynderse, Bloomfield-Honeoye, Pal-Mac, Sodus at Mynderse Academy

8th-grader Kendall Parker once again showed herself to be an asset to the Dundee girls, winning the Long Jump (15-2.75) and taking 3rd in the 100M (14.17). Parker also tied for 3rd in the High Jump with Bloomfield-Honeoye's Jewel Olsen (4-8) and was lead runner for the 4x100 Relay team (57.28), which also included Jimya Johnson, Maya Somerville and Lily Hall. Hall took 3rd in the Triple Jump (29-11.25). Junior Hallie Knapp won the Discus (96-6) and took 2nd in the Shot Put (26-8.75).

For the boys, Freshman Alexander Leonard won the 1600M (5:41.40) and Sophomore Logan Buchanan won the High Jump (5-8). Dundee won both the 4x100 and 4x800 Relays, the 4x100 by the team of Nick Slavick, Logan Salvatore, Jonathan Bell and Brady Richardson (49.68), and the 4x800 by the team of Buchanan, Leonard, Peyton Boudinot and Steven Webster (9:58.94). Richardson also took 2nd in the 100M (12.49) and 3rd in the 200M (26.01), Webster took 3rd in the 400M (58.84), Boudinot took 2nd in the Pole Vault (9-0) and Bell took 2nd in the Long Jump (16-2.5). For the second meet in a row, Tate Hoyt won the Discus (108-7) with teammate Hunter Crofoot taking 2nd (86-4), then switched places in the Shot Put, with Crofoot taking the win (42-3.75) and Hoyt taking 2nd (39-3.75). Sophomore Hayden Erick took 2nd in the Triple Jump (34-0.25).

Boys Tennis

May 12

Pal-Mac 5, Penn Yan 0

The Mustangs failed to pick up any points in their match against Pal-Mac.

Marcus Whitman 3, Newark 2

Brandon Strait and Elijah Basset each won singles for Whitman, while Cameron Clark lost out to Newark's Jordan Hughson. In doubles, Samuel Virkler and Emmitt Woodworth won their match, while Zachary Coon and Noah Kellogg won one for Newark.

May 17

Wayne 5, Penn Yan 0

Penn Yan got swept for the second time in two games, losing out to Wayne.

Midlakes 4, Marcus Whitman 1

Whitman's single win in the match came from Brandon Strait's singles win over Midlakes' TJ Delpriore. At 1-5 this season, Whitman is currently at the bottom of the Finger Lakes West.

May 18

Honeoye 4, Penn Yan 1

Penn Yan lost all but one match to Honeoye, though Eric Fingar and Bryan Smith won their doubles match over Honeoye's Keaton Cooper and Gabby Trippi.