Dundee High School presents sports awards

Rob Maeske
Dundee's Most Valuable Players included from left: Abigail Miller (Volleyball), Steven Webster (Boys Basketball, Boys Track), Cassie Morrissette (Girls Bowling), Camden Buchanan (Cross Country), Hallie Knapp (Girls Soccer, Girls Track), Peyton Boudinot (Boys Soccer), Haley Jefferson (Fall Cheer), Kenneth Empson Jr. (Wrestling), Makenzie Cratsley (Girls Basketball, Softball, Volleyball), Hunter Crofoot (Football, Trap Shooting).
Not pictured: Aaron Ayers (Boys Bowling), Colin Snow (Esports).
DCS Female Athlete of the Year Hallie Knapp (center) was congratulated by (from left) Athletic Director Scott Shepardson, Coach Sheldon Gibson, Coach Joe Hober, and Coach Michael Strait.
DCS Male Athlete of the Year Hunter Crofoot (center) was congratulated by (from left) Athletic Director Scott Shepardson, Coach Sheldon Gibson, Coach Angie Cox, and Coach Les Miller.

DUNDEE – The 2020-2021 Dundee Athletic Awards were held June 22 to honor the student athletes, coaches, and supporters who make up Dundee's athletic program.

The ceremony began with opening remarks by Dundee Athletic Director Scott Shepardson before the National Anthem was sung by freshman Charlotte Schurholz. Shepardson then thanked Dundee's administrators, coaches, transportation, maintenance and technical departments, Sports Boosters, families and of course, the athletes themselves. After some brief comments on the unusual 2020-21 season and highlighting the merger with Bradford Central School District for many of the year's sports teams, Shepardson reported that 131 Dundee students had participated in school sports for the year, which constitutes 62% of Dundee's student body in grades 7-12.

Modified Awards

The presentation of awards began with Dundee's Modified Certificates, honoring those students who participated in only the school's Modified sports teams. Modified certificates were given to the following student athletes: Bryannah Crane (Volleyball), Jasmine Dixon (Volleyball), Arlen Pielow (Basketball), Destiny Rivers (Track), Rachel Scott (Softball), Caleb Eaves (Cross Country, Track), Irelyn Johnson (Soccer, Softball), Brayden Rider (Soccer, Baseball), Olivia Wheeler (Soccer, Track), Marley Duffy (Cross Country, Volleyball, Track), Autumn Harris (Cross Country, Basketball, Softball), James Mitchell (Cross Country, Wrestling, Track), Eli Raplee (Basketball, Football, Baseball), Brooklyn Stock (Soccer, Basketball, Softball), Meredith Doan (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball), Madalyn Knapp (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball), Marley McAvoy (Soccer), Riley Miller (Volleyball), Riley Briscoe (Soccer, Softball), Braedyn Fisher (Cross Country, Basketball), Christopher Clancey (Soccer, Basketball, Baseball), Ellie Fleet (Soccer, Volleyball, Softball), Jakob Lederman (Soccer, Basketball, Baseball), Clayton Tremaine (Basketball, Football, Baseball), Bryten Dunham (Cross Country, Basketball, Football, Track), Lindsey Mosher (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Track), Ayden Bayer (Football), Ryan Gage (Football), Mason McAvoy (Baseball).

Junior Varsity

Junior Varsity Patches were awarded to the following students who participated in Dundee/Bradford's JV teams. The following student athletes received a certificate and their Junior Varsity Patch: Hannah Herrick (JV Basketball, Modified Soccer, Volleyball and Softball), Aiden Webster (JV Basketball, Modified Soccer and Track), Carlie Gibbs-Beattie (JV Softball), Zack Grant (JV Basketball, Modified Football and Baseball), Madeline Herrick (JV Softball), Trey Hoffman (JV Basketball, Modified Baseball), Richard Kelly (JV Basketball, Modified Football and Baseball), Jenna Schuerholz (JV Basketball and Softball), Kristina Yeoman (JV Volleyball and Softball), Mykenzie Clancey (JV Softball), Jessica Gee (JV Softball), Colleen Scott (JV Volleyball and Softball), Andrew Wingate (JV Basketball).


Twenty-three students earned their first Varsity Letter. First-time Varsity letter recipients included: Cason Ballard (Varsity Trap, Modified Track), Caleb Bartlett (Varsity Trap, Modified Football and Baseball), Connor Erick (Varsity Wrestling, Modified Football), Kaidyn Fleming-Haney (Varsity Trap Shooting), Caden Hill (Varsity Wrestling, Modified Football and Track), Thomas Bendick (Varsity Soccer and Track), Alissa Eaves (Varsity Cross Country and Track, JV Basketball and Volleyball), Joseph Fiorilla (Varsity Esports, JV Basketball and Modified Baseball), Ayden Flynn (Varsity Cross Country and Track, JV Basketball), Alexander Leonard (Varsity Cross County, Wrestling and Track, Modified Football), Alexa Miller (Varsity Soccer and Track, JV Basketball and Volleyball), Charlotte Schuerholz (Varsity Track, JV Basketball), Adrienne Kendall (Varsity Softball, JV Basketball and Volleyball), Evan Wood (Varsity Trap, JV Basketball and Modified Cross Country and Baseball), Lucas Vanhorn (Varsity Cross Country and Track, JV Basketball and Modified Football), Michael Hill (Varsity Football, JV Basketball), Megan Lederman (Varsity Soccer), Ryan McTamney (Varsity Soccer, JV Basketball), Jade Roussell (Varsity Soccer, JV Basketball, Volleyball and Softball), Jacob Shimer (Varsity Cross Country), Cassidy Gage (Varsity Volleyball and Softball), Courtney Gibson (Varsity Softball), Morgan Kennerson (Varsity Volleyball and Softball).

In addition to earning their Varsity letter, athletes earn both a certificate and a pin representing each year they participated on a Varsity team. The following athletes participated in one sport during the 2020-2021 school year: Aubrey Belmore (Varsity Cheerleading), Cameron Chilson (Esports), Aiden Fata (Esports), Matthew Kennedy-Brewer (Esports), Cassandra Morrissette (Varsity Bowling), Collin Snow (Esports), Kali Sutherland (Varsity Trap Shooting), Harvey Tongate (Esports), Hannah Brace (Varsity Cheerleading), Jaedyn Brewer (Varsity Bowling), Alaina Cleary (Varsity Cheerleading), Haley Decker (Varsity Volleyball), Myah Dombroski (Varsity Volleyball), Nolan Dillon (Varsity Trap), Renee Gregory (Varsity Volleyball), Hayley Herrick (Varsity Volleyball), Hannah Clark (Varsity Cheerleading), Maya Somerville (Varsity Track), Hailey Strickland (Varsity Volleyball), Aaron Ayers (Varsity Bowling), Thomas Bartlett (Varsity Trap), Gabe Dillon (Varsity Cross Country), Alexander Dykes (Varsity Basketball), Isabel Heavner-Ortiz (Varsity Volleyball), Lacy Cole (Varsity Soccer), Haley Jefferson (Varsity Cheerleading), Justin Keech (Varsity Bowling), Abigail King (Varsity Softball), Damien Snyder (Varsity Football), Cheyenne Webster (Varsity Cheerleading).

The following athletes participated in two sports during the 2020-21 season: Camden Buchanan (Varsity Cross Country and Track), Logan Buchanan (Varsity Track, JV Basketball), Rachel Butler (Varsity Cross Country, JV Basketball), Hayden Morrison (Varsity Soccer and Track), Keegan Neu (Varsity Soccer and Trap Shooting), Michael End (Varsity Basketball and Track), Konnor McLoud (Varsity Basketball and Baseball), Logan Salvatore (Varsity Basketball and Track), Tianna Strickland (Varsity Soccer and Volleyball), Thomas Grady (Varsity Baseball and Trap), Hunter Riek (Varsity Basketball and Baseball), Austin States (Varsity Bowling and Baseball), Steven Webster (Varsity Basketball and Track).

The following student athletes participated in three sports during the 2020-21 season: Kendall Parker (Varsity Basketball and Track, Modified Soccer), Jacob Bartlett (Varsity Trap, Modified Football and Baseball), McKenna Miller (Varsity Bowling, JV Volleyball and Softball), Johnathon Bell (Varsity Soccer, Basketball and Track), Trisha Edmister (Varsity Soccer, Basketball and Track), Lily Hall (Varsity Soccer, Volleyball and Track), Cole Hunt (Varsity Wrestling, Football and Baseball), Savannah Eaves (Varsity Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball), Hallie Knapp (Varsity Soccer, Basketball and Track), Abby Miller (Varsity Bowling, Volleyball and Softball), David Semans, Jr. (Varsity Soccer, Basketball, and Football), Kayla Andrews (Varsity Bowling, Volleyball and Softball), Peyton Boudinot (Varsity Soccer, Basketball and Track), Cheyenne Cummings (Varsity Soccer, Bowling and Softball), Tate Hoyt (Varsity Wrestling, Football and Track).

Four Sports: With the altered schedule of the 2020-21 sports season, several students were able to try out new sports. Eight student athletes were able to play four sports during the season. Those athletes were: Breonna Bayer (Varsity Soccer, JV Basketball, Volleyball and Softball), Hayden Erick (Varsity Wrestling, Esports, Football and Track), Nick Slavick (Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Football and Track), Kenny Empson (Varsity Soccer, Wrestling, Football and Baseball), Makenzie Cratsley (Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Softball), Hunter Crofoot (Varsity Basketball, Football, Track and Trap), Blake Machuga (Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Football and Baseball), Brady Richardson (Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Football and Track).

Five sports: In a rare feat that may never happen again, two of Dundee's student athletes were able to compete in five sports during the season. The five-sport students were Bryce Neu for Varsity Trap and Modified Soccer, Basketball, Football and Baseball and Gavin Hall for Varsity Trap, Modified Soccer, Basketball, Football and Baseball.

League and Sectional Honors

Several League and Sectional Honors were awarded to Dundee student athletes. Those awards included:

Honorable Mention All-League

Hallie Knapp (Soccer)

Abigail Miller (Bowling)

Hayden Erick (Wrestling)

Caden Hill (Wrestling)

Hailey Strickland (Volleyball)

Tianna Strickland (Volleyball)

Lily Hall (Volleyball)

Third Team All-League

Kendall Parker (Basketball)

Second Team All-League

Mackenzie Cratsley (Volleyball)

Tate Hoyt (Wrestling)

Blake Machuga (Basketball, also selected to the Exceptional Senior Game)

Hannah Clark (Cheerleading)

Makenzie Cratsley (Softball)

Austin States (Bowling)

Kayla Andrews (Bowling)

First Team All-League

Abby Miller (Volleyball)

Kenneth Empson Jr (Wrestling)

Hallie Knapp (Track)

Logan Salvatore (Basketball)

Makenzie Cratsley (Basketball)

Hannah Brace (Cheerleading)

Addie Kendall (Softball)

Cassie Morrissette (Bowling)

Jaedyn Brewer (Bowling)

McKenna Miller (Bowling)

Cheyenne Cummings (Bowling)

Special congratulations were given to Senior Steven Webster, who was chosen by the Finger Lakes West coaches as a First Team All-Star. Additionally, Webster was voted as the FLW Player of the Year. He also became the sixth player in Dundee Boys Basketball History to be selected to the Ronald McDonald All-Star Game.

League Champions

Two Dundee/Bradford teams won their league championships, in addition to one student earning an individual league championship. 

Girls Bowling - Cheyenne Cummings, McKenna Miller, Abby Miller, Jaedyn Brewer, Kayla Andrews and Cassie Morrissette

Softball - Kayla Andrews, Cassidy Gage, Makenzie Cratlsey, Cheyenne Cummings, Courtney Gibson, Cambri Harrian, Addie Kendall, Morgan Kennerson, Abigail King, Abigail Miller, Nikki Peterson, Mikayla Schoffner, Kirsta Sleve, Madison Sutryk, Kailey Yeoman

Individual Discus - Hallie Knapp

Individual Sectional Titles

The following student athletes earned individual Sectional titles this year:

Kenneth Empson Jr. (Wrestling)

Brady Richardson (100 Meter Dash)

Logan Buchanan (High Jump)

Hayden Erick (Pentathlon)

Hunter Crofoot (Shot Put)

Hallie Knapp (Shot Put and Discus)

Special Awards

The following special awards were given out:

Dale Howell Memorial Football Award - Kenny Empson

Ray Fultz Memorial Football Award - Hunter Crofoot

Keith Cagle Memorial Award - Kenny Empson

Skorusa "Braveheart" Wrestling Award - Alexander Leonard

Richard Kendall Memorial Award - Logan Salvatore

Colonel Lawrence Bolvig Award - Brady Richardson, Kendall Parker

Sports Boosters Appreciation Awards

Hayden Erick (Football)

Cheyenne Cummings (Girls Soccer, Girls Bowling)

Blake Machuga (Boys Soccer)

Camden Buchanan (Cross Country)

Hannah Brace (Fall Cheer)

Peyton Boudinot (Boys Basketball)

Kendall Parker (Girls Basketball)

Caden Hill (Wrestling)

Justin Keech (Boys Bowling)

Thomas Grady (Baseball, Trap Shooting)

Abby Miller (Softball)

Maya Somerville (Girls Track)

Hunter Crofoot (Boys Track)

Tiana Strickland (Volleyball)

Cameron Chilson (Esports)

Varsity Club Sportsmanship Award

Nick Slavick (Football)

Lacy Cole (Girls Soccer)

Kenny Empson (Boys Soccer)

Jacob Shimer (Cross Country)

Hannah Clark (Fall Cheer)

Hunter Crofoot (Boys Basketball)

Trisha Edminster (Girls Basketball, Girls Track)

Alexander Leonard (Wrestling)

Kayla Andrews (Girls Bowling)

Courtney Gibson (Softball)

Camden Buchanan (Boys Track)

Lily Hall (Volleyball)

Kali Sutherland (Trap Shooting)

Hayden Erick (Esports)

Lee Gibson Memorial Award

Brady Richardson (Football)

Lily Hall (Girls Soccer, Girls Track)

David Semans (Boys Soccer)

Alexander Leonard (Cross Country)

Cheyenne Webster (Fall Cheer)

Blake Machuga (Boys Basketball, Baseball)

Hallie Knapp (Girls Basketball)

Hayden Erick (Wrestling)

Jaedyn Brewer (Girls Bowling)

Addy Kendall (Softball)

Peyton Boudinot (Boys Track)

Hailey Strickland (Volleyball)

Nolan Dillon (Trap Shooting)

Aiden Fatta (Esports)

MVP Awards

Hunter Crofoot (Football, Trap Shooting)

Hallie Knapp (Girls Soccer, Girls Track)

Peyton Boudinot (Boys Soccer)

Camden Buchanan (Cross Country)

Haley Jefferson (Fall Cheer)

Steven Webster (Boys Basketball, Boys Track)

Makenzie Cratsley (Girls Basketball, Softball, Volleyball)

Kenny Empson (Wrestling)

Cassie Morrissette (Girls Bowling)

Aaron Ayers (Boys Bowling)

Abigail Miller (Volleyball)

Colin Snow (Esports)

Athletes of the Year

The ceremony's most prestigious awards are the Pauline "Polly" Strait Memorial Female Athlete of the Year and the David Summerson Male Athlete of the Year Awards. The winners of those awards were:

DCS Female Athlete of the Year: Hallie Knapp

DCS Male Athlete of the Year: Hunter Crofoot

Scott Shepardson closed the ceremony by extending a heartfelt personal congratulations to all the student athletes who had won awards for the year and thanking everyone involved in the Dundee school sports program.