Sports Roundup: PYA boys basketball on a streak

Rob Maeske
Penn Yan’s 6’6” center Tanyon Dunning directs the tip off at the beginning of the season against Midlakes.
PYA’s # 12 Damion Hayes leaps for a short jump shot.

Boys Basketball

Dec. 3

Penn Yan 74, Midlakes 52

Penn Yan won by almost 20 points in their season-opener, defeating Midlakes 74-52. Brigham Hansen scored 29 points for the Mustangs, nailing three 3-pointers. Also for PY, Griffin Emerson scored 18 points and Tanyon Dunning had 9 points. For Midlakes, Mike DeHond had 12 points, all from 3-pointers, Ricky Wright scored 12 points, with three 3-pointers and Jared Brownell 12 points.

PYA’s # 1 Carter Earl dribbles toward the paint.
PYA’s # 22 Griffin Emerson with a fingertip layup.
PYA’s # 30 Tanyon Dunning leaps to the height of the rim.

Dec. 4

Caledonia-Mumford 59, Marcus Whitman 56

Whitman narrowly lost their first game of the winter, falling to Cal-Mum by just three points at Wayland-Cohocton. Kyle Wade scored 21 points and Scott Essig scored 19 points for Cal-Mum. For Whitman, Connor Tomion had 25 points, Nolan Lee had 13 points and Connor Gorton had seven points.

Dec. 6

Penn Yan 52, Haverling 38

Penn Yan beat the Rams for their second win to start the season. Haverling is 0-2. For the Mustangs, Brigham Hansen scored 20 points and Oliver Connelly scored eight. AJ Brotz scored nine points for Bath. 

Dec. 7

Dundee/Bradford 66, Bloomfield 50

The BraveScots won their season opener against Bloomfield. For Dundee/Bradford, Camden Rosemier scored 23 points and Nick Slavick scored 16 points. Cameron Smith scored 18 points for the Bombers.

Marcus Whitman 60, Livonia 51

Marcus Whitman defeated Livonia, moving up to 1-1. For the Wildcats, Connor Tomion had 21 points, 5 assists, 7 rebounds, while Nolan Lee scored 18 points, including three 3-pointers. For Livonia, Chris Coyle and Justin Skelly scored 13 points each. Livonia is 0-1 after the season-opening loss. 

Dec. 8

Penn Yan 61, World of Inquiry 58

In a close, 3-point game, Penn Yan defeated WOIS to keep their opening streak alive. For PY, Griffin Emerson scored 17 points, Carter Earl scored 15 points and Brigham Hansen scored 14 points. For WOIS, Rodney Nunnally, Jr. scored 22 points, eight steals, six rebounds and five assists.

Girls Basketball

Nov. 29

Lyons 60, Marcus Whitman 39

The Whitman girls lost their first game of the season, falling to Lyons. For the Lions, Jayla Bell scored 29 points, eight rebounds, four assists and ten steals and Imani Harper had nine points and seven steals. 

Dec. 1

Alexander 55, Marcus Whitman 34

The Wildcats fell in the second game, dropping to 0-2.

Dec. 6

Penn Yan 49, South Seneca 10

The Mustangs absolutely dominated their season opener, beating S. Seneca by 39 points. Jammie Decker scored 13 points and had ten rebounds for Penn Yan, while teammate Sierra Harrison scored ten points and Hannah Parsons scored eight.

Dundee/Bradford 44, Campbell-Savona 14

Dundee/Bradford won their opening game with a dominant win over Campbell-Savona. Gabrielle Tobiassen-Aasli scored ten points and five rebounds, Kendall Parker had ten points and four steals and Hallie Knapp scored eight points and 11 rebounds. Campbell-Savona is 0-3.

Dec. 8

Marcus Whitman 25, Red Jacket 21

Whitman defeated RJ for their first win of the season, now sitting at 1-2.  Natalie Lecceardone scored ten points and Mary English scored five for Red Jacket.

Boys Bowling

Nov. 29

Midlakes 5, Dundee/Bradford 0

At Rose Bowl in Newark, Midlakes' Nate Miller bowled a 211 game in his 463 series and Gavin Mateo bowled a 448 series. Cameron Burke led Dundee/Bradford with a 366 series, while Joe Nowicki followed with a 336 series.

Nov. 30

Penn Yan 5, Marcus Whitman 0

Playing at Roseland Bowl, Penn Yan took all five points against Marcus Whitman in the season-opening game for both teams, with the Mustangs' total pinfall at 3167 vs. Whitman's 2714. PY's Connor Anderson had both the match's high game (290) as well as the match's high series (739). Top rollers for the Mustangs also included Ben Broome, who bowled a 229 game in his 614 series and Trenton Samatulski with a 592 series. Austin King had Whitman's high game (225) and series (583), while teammate Tim Phillips same in next with a 554 series. Penn Yan's team total for the match's second game finished out at 1204, setting a new school record for highest team game.

Dec. 1

Dundee/Bradford 3, Bloomfield 2

The BraveScots won their second game of the season, narrowly beating Bloomfield with a total pinfall of 1679 to the Bombers' 1664. Dundee/Bradford's top series came from Joe Nowicki (391), while the Scot's top game was a 176 from Cameron Burke. Bloomfield's top bowler was Holden Lester, who bowled a 150 in the match's highest series of 395. The BraveScots were 1-1 with the win.

Dec. 7

Penn Yan 5, Wayne 0

The Mustangs won their second game of the winter, bringing them to 2-0 after defeating Wayne 3084 to 2209. PY's Cam Bassage had the match high series of 679, including a high game of 243, while Trenton Samatulski scored the match high game of 278 in his 647 series. For the Eagles, Jacob Keilon bowled a 496 series and Kameron Young bowled a 203 game.

Marcus Whitman 5, Geneva 0

Whitman swept the Panthers, winning with a pinfall of 2212 to Geneva's 1952. The top rollers for Whitman were Isiah Murphy, who picked up the match's high game of 194 in his 470 series, and Ely Mangiarelli, who bowled a 184 game in his 465 series. Geneva's Derek Leshure got the highest series of the match with a 492, followed by teammate Bryant Santiago, who bowled a 179 in his 481 series. The Wildcats moved to 1-1 after the match. 

Girls Bowling

Nov. 29

Dundee/Bradford 5, Midlakes 0

Cassie Morrissette led Dundee/Bradford at Newark's Rose Bowl with a 164 game in her 442 series. For Midlakes, Alivia Miller bowled a 151 game in her 421 series and Emileigh Cardin bowled a 337 series.

Nov. 30

Marcus Whitman 4, Penn Yan 1

The Wildcats beat out Penn Yan in the season's opening game, winning with a total pinfall of 2620 to 2304. Whitman's Kennedy Smith bagged the match's top game (235) and series (631). Also for Whitman, Kendall Davis bowled a 220 game in her 483 series. For the Mustangs, Anella Tillman bowled a 208 in her 521 series and Andy Kniffin bowled a 193 in her 512 series.

Dec. 1

Dundee/Bradford 5, Bloomfield 0

Dundee/Bradford made it two in a row with a win over Bloomfield, scoring a pinfall of 2326 to 1948. BraveScots bowler Cassie Morrissette took the match's top spot with a match high game of 209 in the match high series of 573. Also for DB, Abby Miller bowled a 200 game in her 528 series. Olivia White had Bloomfield's high series of 427.

Dec. 7

Penn Yan 5, Wayne 0

The Mustangs beat the Eagles with a total pinfall of 2418 to 2106. Andy Kniffen had the match high series of 616, including the match high game of 226. Also for PY, Anella Tillman bowled a 212 game in her 570 series. Wayne's top series was scored by Elyssa Bigler (529), who also got their top game of 208. The win moved Penn Yan to 1-1.

Marcus Whitman 5, Geneva 0

Whitman went 2-0 with a win against Geneva. Total pinfall for the match was Whitman's 2248 to Geneva's 1849. Zoelle Payne had the match high game (183) and series (480) for the Wildcats and Makayla Armison bowled a 177 game in her 451 series. Geneva's Molly Thibault bowled a 458 series and Sara Scalise had a 179 game.

Dec. 8

Dundee/Bradford 5, Waterloo 0

Dundee/Bradford stretched their season-opening streak to three with a 5-0 win over Waterloo. Total pinfall was 2260 to 1963 for the BraveScots. Cassie Morrissette had DB's top series of 509 with games of 170, 168 and 171. Abby Miller picked up Dundee/Bradford's top game of 178. Waterloo's Sabrina Palmer bowled the match's top game of 193 and the match's top series of 523.