Meet Penn Yan Academy’s Allison Winslow

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Allison Winslow reflects on her lost senior season of lacrosse at Penn Yan Academy.

Over the past four years, I have played on the Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team and loved every second of it. Being a part of this amazing team was truly a blessing. Though our season was cut much too short, I will cherish the short practice week we had together. It was truly heartbreaking finding out we will never get a last season. Since freshman year, we have loved organizing senior night, seeing our seniors commit to college and waiting until it was our turn. Although we did not get those senior memories, I am still very grateful for all of the other memories we had during our previous seasons. We knew this could have been our best year, and it is disappointing to know we will never have that chance.  

Being a part of this team has taught me about friendships, teamwork, and commitment. I have met some of the best friends growing up playing lacrosse. I have enjoyed being a part of a team because having teammates to rely on is wonderful. Being on this team has shown me the power of the relationships you can gain with people you never expected to get to know. 

Even though our season is cancelled, I will forever be a Mustang. Losing this season was upsetting and crazy, but I am still very proud of my team. It may have only been a week of practicing, but I know every single one of my teammates has amazing potential and I am excited to see what they have in store for next season.